There are plenty of benefits to car detailing when go to sell a car.

Your home. It’s the most valuable asset you own. That’s why you take such special care in keeping it clean and well maintained. After all, when you go to sell your primary residence, the cleaner and sturdier it is, the more bang you will get for your buck.

Yet when it comes to your car, potentially your second most valuable asset, you often get lazy when it comes to keeping it clean. Sure, you get the oil changed, and you take care of the annual inspection which is required by law. You run it through the carwash every other Saturday. In a word, you do the minimum required to keep it maintained.

But you let the interior get faded by too much exposure to sunlight. Maybe you smoke inside the car, allowing the tar and nicotine to create an unpleasant stale odor. You might also have a habit of eating inside your car, which results in crumbs, and other food particles gathering under and between the seats.

More than likely, the dust and dirt just are building up not only in the interior but under the hood and the chassis too. This spells premature destruction for the vehicle’s components. In the long run, a poorly maintained and dirty car will cost you cash when you go to trade it in.

But according to a recent report, the best thing you can do for your dirty car is to have it detailed. The professional detailing process consists of cleaning, protecting, reconditioning, and rejuvenating your vehicle, inside and out. This is a long process that takes several steps and is all about the “attention to detail.”

In order to make the detailing process complete, the interior and exterior of the car must be thoroughly maintained by a licensed car detailing shop. This is not a project to be handled under the auspices of DIY (Do It Yourself). Part one of the detailing operation will deal with the vehicle’s interior, while the exterior will be handled in the second and final parts.

The car will have all the trash and food scraps removed and then it will be vacuumed. Once completed the car interior will be cleaned by hand with professional cleaning solutions and polishes.

The exterior benefits to car detailing will constitute cleaning, decontaminating, polishing, and protecting the entire outside of the car. This includes the paint job, the trim, the windows, the wheels, the tires, and more. Only the highest quality dressings will be utilized for a perfect, flawless, just-like-new appearance.

Benefits to Car Detailing

1. Reduction of Wear and Tear

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One of the biggest advantages of professional benefits to car detailing is that it can restore, improve, and protect not just the look of the car, but all of its mechanical parts and components. Detailing is not just your everyday carwash. It is engineered to perfect the car’s overall condition while fixing imperfections. This means your car will undergo special machine-powered buffing followed by polishing.

The interior washing does more than make the car look and smell clean. It does away with unsightly stains and harmful bacteria from the upholstery while conditioning the leather.

2. Increase’s the Car’s Resale Value

Resale Value

If you’re planning on selling your car soon, you need to have it professionally detailed. The process is said to not only maintain the car’s original value but can add value to an older vehicle. Unlike an average carwash, detailing offers long-lasting protection due to the many layers of waxes added to both the exterior and interior.

When selling and/or trading in your car, the first impression you make on a dealership representative or a potential buyer is paramount. Car detailing will take care of that for you.

3. Bring the Shine Back to the Paint

Detailing will improve the shine of your car’s original paint job since it uses abrasives to level the outside surfaces. This process eliminates any visible defects. Professional detailing will restore your car’s brilliant finish. You should see “sparkling reflections” on all the exterior surfaces. On the interior, the leather will have a renewed smooth finish.

4. Reduce Blemishes

new car

There’s no escaping rust, even in all weather conditions. The same holds true for the interior, which can succumb to pollution and other contaminates. But with car detailing, you will reduce the chance for costly repairs while improving the performance of the vehicle’s components. Damage to the vehicle is significantly reduced.

Your car is going to get dirty, if not filthy, one way or another. It’s your responsibility to clean it as thoroughly and as professionally as possible. Once you have it detailed, you will increase its value and that will put cash in your pocket when you go to sell.

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