Do you spend time under the sun most of the day?

Do you always use your mobile phone, hairdryer, and other appliances? All these emit electromagnetic field radiation that can cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

If you often experience headaches, nausea, or body pain, you may be experiencing EMF exposure. Whether you stay in or go out, there’s no real way to avoid EMF exposure. However, you can reduce its effects with EMF protection clothing.

Wondering if EMF protection clothing is a good investment? Read on to learn the benefits of using EMF protective clothes.

1. Carries Ultraviolet Protection Factor

Ready for an EMF Bed Canopy

All types of clothing can protect you against the rays of the sun. However, EMF clothing can provide superior protection. They carry a specific rating of the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).

Ultraviolet Protection Factor is the amount of radiation it allows to reach the skin. For example, clothing with a UPF 30 rating allows 3% radiation to pass through and block the rest. It reduces the risk of exposure to EMF.

Check the UPF rating of clothing you buy to ensure EMF radiation protection. The ratings to consider range from 15 to 50+. Clothes not displaying any UPF rating fall below the standard.

2. Fashionable Yet Effective EMF Protection

Some misconceptions about EMF protective clothes are that they’re big and baggy. However, technology allowed clothing manufacturers to create fashionable yet functional EMF protective clothing.

You can find a broad range of clothes with EMF protection. You have the option to match your outfit, from hats to blouses and pants. Moreover, some manufacturers produce EMF protection clothes fit for a specific activity.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, especially when using this product on colder days.

EMF protection

3. Keeps You Cool

Thicker clothes can offer more EMF protection when you’re outdoors. However, if you live in a warmer climate, things can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. Clothes specialized for EMF protection can help you stay cool as a cucumber!

You can opt for synthetic fabric, such as polyester and nylon. They are thin and lightweight yet synthetic and can reflect EMF radiation. Thus, keeping you cool and feeling fresh.

A high UPF rating and functional construction block the sun. Combining them with lightweight fabric can guarantee protection under intense heat. With this, consider the clothing material to know which suits the weather.

4. Prevents Skin Aging

Did you know exposure to sunlight causes 90% of skin aging? Applying anti-aging products, staying indoors, and distancing from EMF sources can prevent it.

However, you can also enhance these effects with EMF protection clothing.

EMF protection clothing

What Is EMF Protection Clothing?

All types of clothing provide EMF protection, but only a few can offer high and enough protection. The best EMF protection clothing has an excellent UPF rating and can reduce radiation exposure.

Moreover, proper EMF protection prevents the development of diseases. Start revamping your closet with EMF protective clothes. For more lifestyle content, please continue exploring our website.

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