Chaise lounges are versatile pieces of furniture that have been in existence since ancient times. Depictions of them can be found all around the world in just about every culture. Over the years, the style has been updated to reflect our modern tastes. Today, we’ll go over a few reasons they will make a great addition to your home.

Chaise means ‘long chair’ in French, and that’s a pretty good description of what to expect. The seat is long enough for you to fit your whole body, so it’s sort of a cross between a daybed and sofa. While they come in different styles, most have low backs and arms that take up a third or half the seat’s length. A corner is created that you can nuzzle into while relaxing.

sofa chaise

The styles date back centuries, and the classic design is that of a wooden, slatted, or woven base. Pillows are typically placed on top to give it a cozier feel, and they work well in open floor designs. The traditional style chaises tend to be heavier, upholstered pieces with tufted buttons.

Mid-century lounges don’t usually have arms, but they may have a curved seat that supports the knees and back. You can find them in wood or aluminum with rich leather upholstery. This particular style looks great in a study or library.

Modern chaises don’t have limits when it comes to the upholstery fabric. They are often more square with cleaner lines, low backs, and arms. The cushioning gives the piece a luxurious feel.

Modern chaises

Sofa chaises can be found on one end of a sofa or sectional. You’ll recognize it because it’s longer than the regular seating. These versatile pieces give you the option of sitting on a standard sofa or stretching out to watch a movie or take a nap.

The style is popular with L-shaped sofas. Get one with a fold-out bed for guests and add more function to your space. The chaise attached to a sofa bed will often have a hidden storage compartment—store bed linens and pillows here to keep everything visitors staying over need in one central location.

sofa chaise

These pieces work well in guest rooms as they provide standard seating, lounging, storage, and a place to sleep. If you don’t have a need for a pull-out bed, you can use the storage drum for other items. Place it in the living room and keep your collection of magazines tucked away. Or put one in your child’s bedroom and keep their toys and arts and craft tools neatly organized.

The sofa chaise is one piece of furniture that never disappoints. Its multi-functional ability and stylish appearance instantly elevate the look and feel of the space it occupies. If you want a formal feel, a leather sofa chaise is a way to go. For something more casual, choose a simple, sleek design with fabric upholstery that blends with the current décor. Either way, you’ll be glad you chose a sofa chaise for your home.

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