A lot of people are shocked when they find out how fast the marijuana growing industry has exploded in the United States in the past few decades. These days, the industry generates over $23 billion worth of revenue every single year. There are more than 56,000 businesses around the country that contribute to the medical and recreational marijuana growing industry.

One contributor to the growing marijuana industry is the cannabis inhaler. Many people are discovering that these inhalers provide special benefits that are difficult to get in other ways. Other people are amazed to even hear that we are now creating inhalers that deliver cannabis to the body.

However, the existence of cannabis inhalers makes a lot more sense once you understand the benefits that they provide. So what is so great about cannabis inhalers, and what might they be able to do for you? Read on to learn all about the top benefits of using a cannabis inhaler!

What Is a Cannabis Inhaler?

What Is a Cannabis Inhaler

In many ways, you can compare a cannabis inhaler to the standard inhaler that people use to manage their asthma. However, cannabis inhalers will deliver cannabinoids like THC or CBD to the body. Many cannabis inhalers also provide a dose of terpenes.

That means that they provide many of the same effects as smoking marijuana or eating a marijuana gummy. However, one important thing to understand about these inhalers is that they deliver cannabinoids to the body with vapor rather than smoke.

On top of that, these inhalers are designed so that they can deliver a precise quantity of cannabis to the body. However, it would be a mistake to think of cannabis inhalers as strict replacements for standard asthma inhalers. Cannabis inhalers get their name from how they function, not from any specific use for treating asthma.

Most people who use cannabis inhalers do so as a substitution for smoking or vaping. In many cases, people turn to cannabis inhalers because they believe that they are healthier than smoking and vaping. We will get into the health benefits of cannabis inhalers below!

How Do These Types of Inhalers Work?

Although inhalers are comparable to smoking and vaping in some ways, they function differently. In fact, the comparison to standard asthma inhalers makes sense when it comes to fast delivery.

The whole point of standard asthma inhalers is that people suffering from an asthma attack need quick relief. As a result, inhalers are designed to provide a quick hit within only a few seconds. This same technology is present in cannabis inhalers.

As a result, they tend to cause intoxication even faster than smoking and other forms of providing marijuana to the body.

Benefits of Using Cannabis With Inhalers

Of course, cannabis inhalers provide all of the same benefits as any delivery system for marijuana.

They can help people improve their appetites and relax. They can relieve pain and anxiety. Depending on the type of marijuana used, they might also contribute to creativity or provide energy.

Anybody who wants to enjoy the benefits of marijuana can do so by receiving it through a cannabis inhaler. However, on top of the benefits that come with every form of delivering marijuana to the body, cannabis inhalers also provide extra benefits that smoking and vaping do not.

1. Improve Bioavailability

The first benefit of using a cannabis inhaler is improved bioavailability. In other words, cannabis inhalers deliver marijuana to the system in a way that makes it easy for your body to absorb it.

Not only that, but the cannabis delivered to the system through inhalers is resistant to degradation in the bloodstream. That helps cannabis inhalers deliver maximum bang for your buck. You might find that you get much more use out of the same quantity of marijuana if you make sure to use it in an inhaler rather than another system.

The improved bioavailability of cannabis delivered through inhalers means that you can get more intoxicated off of the same quantity of intoxicants.

Of course, this also means that people should be careful when using cannabis inhalers for the first time. Many people are used to smoking and waiting for several minutes before feeling a significant difference. When you deliver cannabis to the system through an inhaler, the effects can start hitting you right away.

2. Inhalers Make Using Cannabis Safer

Some people consider the biggest benefit of cannabis inhalers to be improved safety and health. At the end of the day, there is no denying that inhaling smoke into your lungs is not good for them.

On top of that, smoking marijuana can damage the throat and the mouth. It can even lead to dryness around the lips and other problems.

Some people attempt to ameliorate these issues with various tools. Filters, bongs, and other marijuana paraphernalia are supposed to remove some of the contaminants from marijuana smoke.

Although these methods are somewhat effective, they do not compare to cannabis inhalers. Remember that cannabis inhalers deliver marijuana with vapor rather than smoke. That means that the vapor you inhale will be significantly cooler than smoke that has just been heated by an actual flame.

Using Cannabis Safer

The cooler temperature of this vapor means that cannabis inhalers do not burn the throat and mouth as smoking can. In some ways, this sounds like vaping. However, vape juices also come with other chemicals.

There are more and more concerns that some of these chemicals might cause health problems. On the other hand, cannabis inhalers provide a purer dose of marijuana.

3. Enjoy Greater Control of Dosing

Because inhalers were originally used as medical devices, they provide incredible precision. Many people struggle to control their dosing when they smoke or vape marijuana. After all, it is almost impossible to control the exact amount that you inhale.

However, with a cannabis inhaler, you can receive the exact quantity you desire.

4. Enjoy Purer Types of Cannabis

Cannabis inhalers are also designed to provide the purest delivery of cannabis possible. They do not contain additives or other contaminants.

As a result, it is much easier to keep toxins and undesirable components out of them. This is one of the main reasons that many people consider cannabis inhalers to be safer than vape pens.

5. Cannabis Inhalers Are Easy to Use

Many people are used to using more traditional methods of providing marijuana to the system.

However, old methods have a tendency to be more complicated. If you want to smoke marijuana, then you may need papers, filters, and other tools to make them. Then, you will need to have a lighter.

If you have ever been unable to smoke because your lighter was out of fuel, you can understand how frustrating it can be.

On top of that, the actual smoking process tends to be somewhat unpleasant for many people. When people first start smoking, it can be difficult for them to inhale smoke without feeling a lot of pain.

This is another respect in which cannabis inhalers perform better. Seasoned smokers might be able to manage the pain, but beginners might prefer the gentleness that a cannabis inhaler can provide.

You can also easily find cannabis inhalers. All it takes is finding a marijuana dispensary near me.

6. Cannabis Users Can Be Discreet

All types of cannabis can be difficult to be discreet with. First, cannabis has a natural tendency to create a powerful scent. As strong as that scent is before smoking, it gets even stronger when you turn cannabis into smoke.

That smoke has a tendency to travel and carry the distinctive scent of marijuana for a fair distance. On top of that, smoking and vaping marijuana are illegal in many locations.

Benefits of cannabis

Many people want to use marijuana without announcing that fact to everyone who happens to be looking. Inhalers look like medical devices, so it is much easier for people to use a cannabis inhaler without drawing too much attention to themselves.

On top of that, receiving marijuana through a cannabis inhaler makes the whole process much faster. Instead of taking multiple hits on a joint or vape pen, you can take a single controlled dose with an inhaler.

Understanding the Top Benefits of Using a Cannabis Inhaler

Most people have no idea how many different benefits come with using a cannabis inhaler. After reading this article, we hope you can appreciate why there is so much growing demand for these kinds of products. In some ways, a cannabis inhaler is better than all other methods of delivering marijuana to the system.

To learn more about the latest information on marijuana, business, and more, have a look at our other pages!

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