Can you think of a day in your life without the Internet? The answer in the chorus will be a big fat NO!

The world is going digital, and every business wants to create an online presence. To be heard in the crowd and gain user traction, you must be a part of their everyday life. How’s this possible? By opting for a better reach out on smart devices that you carry the day in and day out.

Android and iOS are two popular platforms for reaching the potential digital community. iOS is not only considered more secure but also has another set of advantages. According to statistics, with the soaring popularity and user base, the App Store is expected to witness a revenue growth of nearly $96 billion by 2023. In this article, we will look at the reasons for this popularity and the best way to hire iOS developers.

Maximizing Your ROI: How Hiring an iOS Developer Can Help

Maximizing Your ROI

Apple’s business is thriving with an expanding community of iPhone users. iPhone apps have become people’s favorite as a result of which, and in June 2022, 36,000 iOS mobile apps were released in the App Store globally.

In the wake of this fandom, iOS app development’s popularity is soaring. This demand is due to the several benefits that it offers, such as:

●  Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience should be at the center of your business objectives. In this competitive battlefield, iOS app development has the most effective victory. Android users encounter difficulties at times when the downloaded app doesn’t work. Well, that’s never the case with iOS users.

Packed with the perfect hardware, exceptional customer support, and an impeccable software system, iOS apps operate smoothly. Henceforth, customers enjoy a seamless experience using these apps.

●  Better Sense of Security

In the virtual world, the chances of malicious attacks are as broad as a barn door. Therefore, security and privacy are like bread and butter. iPhone provides a high-end security layer that shields your business’s sensitive data from outside threats.

Better Sense of Security

With in-built security and privacy protections, iOS apps offer protection against data duplication, encryption, and theft.

●  Flexible User Interface

This is one of the eventual aims for any business spending its hard-earned dimes on app development. iOS app development offers a simple and synchronous user interface that makes the app progressively engaging.

The easier the app navigation, the greater the customer satisfaction. iPhone follows this rule of thumb in its app development to establish an effective interaction between the user and the app.

●  A Global Community of Users

Which business owner doesn’t want to penetrate the global market? iPhone has a reputed standard worldwide, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and South Korea.

If you had the opportunity to place your business globally, would you miss it? Definitely not! iOS app development is an exceptional choice that helps you to seize this golden chance.

●  Increased ROI

Android applications can yield less than 10% of the total app development cost. On the contrary, iOS apps can help you reap maximum returns on your investment with their scalability. iPhone applications can offer your business higher turnovers with magnified ROI.

●  Reduced Fragmentation and Simple Testing

In the smartphone market, tens of millions of Android devices are available with distinct OS versions. Whereas Apple only has 30+ mobile phones in the market. The fewer the devices, the lower the fragmentation, leading to easy iOS app testing.

From Job Posting to Offer Letter: How to Hire the Right iOS Developer

If you are in the market to hire an iOS developer, you must know how crowded it is. In a candidate-driven recruitment market with a widening skills gap due to the severe talent crunch, you must have a proper hiring strategy for efficacious results. Some steps that must be a part of your hiring process are:

●  Define Project Scope

Without a roadmap, can you start your journey? Of course, not!

Likewise, without knowing what you are looking for in a candidate, your hiring will be hay wired. Have a concise and precise understanding of the type of app you need to develop, your budget, the features you want to incorporate, app launch time, target audience, and other crucial project details.

●  Analyze the Skills and Experience Requirement

Once your project requirements checklist is ready, it’s time to analyze the requirements regarding candidate skills, qualifications, and experience. The must-have skills of an iOS developer include proficiency in programming languages such as Swift, Objective-C, and C++. Experience in relevant tools and technologies, such as iOS SDK, Xcode, etc., is also essential.

●  Evaluate Work Portfolio and References

It’s always a safer bet to ensure the truthfulness of the resume claims and not be blindfolded by the candidate’s promises. One way to do this is by having a keen eye on the work portfolio and references provided by the applicant.

These are valuable resources that will provide you insights related to the experience of the candidate in iOS app development, work quality, diligence, creativity, ability to resolve complex problems, style of operating, etc.

●  Conduct Technical Interviews

Once you have shortlisted qualified matches from the stack of resumes received, the next step is to conduct a technical interview round to evaluate their suitability for the role. You must keep a checklist of questions handy to keep the interview short yet effective.

Conduct Technical Interviews

It must include questions about programming languages, recent trends, relevant tools and technologies, previous professional experience, etc. This will help you gain an understanding of their technical proficiency as well as a soft skill set.

●  Offer Competitive Compensation

Finally, you must have a succinct onboarding process so applicants don’t feel weary. Also, make an offer that they can’t deny and which compels them to choose you over the competitors. This is an essential tactic to get top-notch talent in your team.

The offer must be inclusive of competitive salary, benefits, and other perks such as remote work, which has become a pre-requisite post-pandemic. Millennials are also becoming increasingly aware of career growth and advancement opportunities. Therefore, ensure the candidate’s professional development to retain them long-term.

Rounding off

To polish your business on the digital forefront in a way that attracts user interest, you must consider developing iOS apps. Hire a skilled professional to scale your business to new heights. Expand your sales funnel with iOS app development for business success.

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