Did you know that around 3 million Americans fly every day?

While many people look forward to arriving at their destination, the journey on a commercial flight can be a nightmare. From delays to bad snacks and cramped seats, it’s understandable why some people put off going on trips to avoid flying.

Would you believe that flying a private jet has never been more accessible to the average person? Keep reading to learn about 5 amazing benefits of booking a small private jet for your next trip.

1. Private Jet Travel Saves Time

The Cost to Buy a Private Jet

One of the greatest fbo advantages is that you don’t need to wait for hours in line to get to your gate. As long as you show up 15 minutes before take-off, you’ll be all set.

Since this takes lots of tedious waiting out of your travel schedule, you can spend your precious time doing other things you enjoy instead.

2. A Private Jet Charter Is Spacious

Private jets are designed to give passengers all the space they could ever want while they fly. Gone are the days where you have to feel packed like a sardine and have no room to stretch your legs.

Once it’s safe to move, you’ll be able to get up and do anything you’d like without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

3. Chartering a Private Jet Is Safer

Chartering a Private Jet Is Safer

TSA tries its best to catch security threats, but there are still a lot more dangerous items that make it onto airplanes than people would like to imagine.

Your safety should be a top priority when you travel. When you fly private, you’ll be in charge of who can join you on the plane.

4. You Can Enjoy Complete Privacy

There’s nothing worse than feeling watched when you’re trying to relax or catch up on some work while you’re flying. On private jets, the staff knows to leave everyone alone except when they need assistance.

This privacy allows you to do anything in peace during your journey.

5. Booking a Small Private Jet Is All About Luxury

Booking a Small Private Jet Is All About Luxury

Who says a vacation can only start once you get to your destination?

Flying private is a fantastic way to treat yourself to luxury. The entire experience from start to finish will make you feel pampered.

Are You Ready to Fly Private for Your Leisure or Business Travel?

If you have enough money to buy first-class tickets on a commercial flight, then you might as well make the upgrade to a small private jet for around the same amount. As costs continue to go down while the services keep improving, there’s no reason to suffer on commercial flights ever again.

Now that you’ve learned about the impressive benefits of flying on a private jet, you deserve to start planning your next getaway. If you’d like to become a travel guru, our blog has tons of incredible advice. Take some time to check out the rest of our articles so you can get the most out of every vacation.

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