Cyber hackers only target big corporations.

True or false?

Well, 43 percent of cyberattacks now target small businesses.

If you’re a small business who’s been thinking hackers having nothing against small companies, you’re living in a bubble that’ll burst sooner than later. Every small business that has digital operations must take cybersecurity seriously.

The only way to do this is to bring in a professional and task them with keeping the bad guys out. This could mean hiring in-house or outsourcing.

In this article, we focus on cybersecurity outsourcing.

Continue reading to learn how you’ll benefit from outsourcing this critical function.

1. Outsourcing Is Cheaper Than Hiring an Employee

As a small business, one of your primary goals is to keep costs as low as possible. Often, this means hiring full-time employees only when necessary.

Is cybersecurity necessary? If you’re anything like most small businesses that haven’t been attacked, you certainly don’t see the need to hire an in-house IT security professional.

In truth, though, cybersecurity is a crucial function. If you neglect it, you’re putting your business at risk of a great loss.

You don’t have to hire an in-house employee and increase your expenses. Outsourcing is a cheaper option when you’re on a tight budget.

When you outsource, you only pay for the service, the cost of which will be cheaper than the average salary of a cybersecurity employee. Plus, you won’t worry about things like investing in a workstation, withholding taxes, and whatnot.

2. Outsourcing Opens Up Your Business to an Entire Team

When you hire an in-house cybersecurity professional, you’re only getting one person. Yes, it’s possible to build an in-house team, but that’ll take time and can be super costly.

At a cost that’s lower than hiring an in-house person, outsourcing opens up your business to a big cybersecurity team. Most cybersecurity firms have teams of employees consisting of professionals with different security specializations.

As such, your small business is in better hands when you outsource. Should it come under a massive attack that needs several hands, you can count on the firm to do the job right.

3. Better Threat Detection and Neutralization

Cybersecurity firms spend their time analyzing emerging threats and devising ways to neutralize them. If you outsource, you can rest assured that your business is protected from threats that would have otherwise gone undetected had you been handling cybersecurity in-house.

When you outsource to a competent cybersecurity firm like, you’re far more likely to get more than what you pay for.

These firms typically offer more than cybersecurity protection. They also offer consulting services, which means they can advise you on things like upgrading your IT infrastructure – at no extra cost to you.

Cybersecurity Outsourcing Offers Several Incredible Benefits

What’s holding you back from embracing cybersecurity outsourcing? Perhaps you believe that your business isn’t a target or you think your business isn’t digital enough. Regardless of your reason, you’re wrong.

As this article demonstrates, outsourcing cybersecurity offers several benefits. Don’t miss out!

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