The benefit of cedar shake shingles is that it provides your Orlando home with an extremely appealing, natural, and exclusive look. First impressions count when neighbors, guests, and passersby appreciate the aesthetic appeal of your cedar shakes roofing system, especially the color, shape, and features of the material used. Then, the value of cedar shake is much more than its aesthetics. That is because roofing must also protect your home and family from the elements, keeping the inmates safe.

According to an published on, strengthened by new house development and storm-related patch-ups, US roofers are can now see an upward slope when it comes to sales and profitability. So let us read this article to learn about the three major benefits of cedar shake roofing for your home:

1. Lasting aesthetic appeal

One of the key benefits is cedar roofing’s lasting appeal and beauty. Additionally, cedar shake shingles are sturdy and robust; else, there is no point in making your home look attractive if the core functionality of the roof fails to last for a long time.

When you live in an Orlando home, cedar shingles come with a complete plan, which is the aesthetic appeal with long-lasting functions to protect your abode from excessive heat, rain, and storm. Give your residential roof the natural look and texture together with the warmth of wood colors. Besides, cedar shingles require no or little maintenance over the years, at least for the time you live in the house. You can research on roofing companies Gainesville Fl, if you have more questions concerning material benefits.

2. Protects your home from damage

Besides durability, cedar roofs are resistant to damage, especially the external elements. Just think of the Florida storms and rains! Cedar can sustain the rough weather of the jungles or wilderness, and therefore, it is no wonder that it is the most robust roofing material for your Floridian home.

Yes, cedar is resistant to all kinds of climatic damages, as the shingles cut right from the wood can retain their nature and shape with the least maintenance for up to 30 years or so.

Cedar shingles are less probable to swell in the wet, tropical climate of Orlando, unlike shingles hacked from other tree types. Even if your roof is damaged, though rare, you can get cedar shingles repaired and save the cost of a full replacement.

3. Insect-resistant

The greatest enemy of your home is termite intrusion that leads to exorbitant repairs beyond your means. However, your home with cedar shingles is resistant to termites, as the wood has a special property to keep these pests at bay. Therefore, if your roofing and property sidings have cedar, your home will not become vulnerable to termite invasion.

Cedar roofing also protects your home from mite infestations, thus keeping your home safe and damage-free. That is because bugs or critters feed on homes that are made of inferior roofing materials.


Once you have installed cedar shingles, you can treat it with a protective finish to make your home safe from bugs and external elements.

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