Did you know that 48 percent of polished diamonds in the world end up in the United States of America? Buying diamond jewelry is a big investment, and it’s easy to find yourself with a fake on your hands if you choose not to purchase a certified diamond. Many stones are able to mimic some of the basic elements of beauty that a diamond presents.

GIA-certified diamonds undergo an intense evaluation to give you peace of mind that your money is purchasing the real thing. You might pay a higher certified diamond price, but it’s much better than the embarrassment of buying a fake diamond ring.

The good news is that you’re about to learn all about certified diamonds and the benefits of purchasing certified diamonds for sale. Keep reading to learn more today!

What Is a Certified Diamond?

Facts about diamonds

There are a few different elements that come into play when you start shopping for a certified diamond. These diamonds get graded based on four different criteria by a lab that specializes in certifying diamonds.

The certifications are based on the color, carat weight, clarity, and cut of the diamond that you’re considering purchasing. Here’s a closer look at each component of a GIA-certified diamond.

Carat Weight

Diamonds are similar to other precious stones and gems in the sense that they’re measured in carats. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and it’s important to remember that the lab that is certifying the diamond is looking at the carat weight down to the hundred-thousandths of a carat. The carat weight is arguably the most important part of any certified diamond on the market when it comes to value and price.


Another big thing that a certifying lab will look at when it comes to certified diamonds is the color. Media makes it seem that colorless diamonds are the most common, but a truly colorless diamond is the rarest and most valuable of all. The typical diamond is a shade of yellow or brown rather than the brilliant clear color that many people imagine.

A lab handling certifications will rate a diamond based on its color using a scale that measures from D, which stands for “colorless”, all the way to Z, which represents “light coloration”. Diamonds that are close to colorless tend to fall between the letters G and J. These diamonds are the most common diamonds for use as jewelry and engagement rings.


Clarity is also important when it comes to a certified diamond. Diamonds have a tendency to develop blemishes as they form. The clarity of your diamond is referring to the number of blemishes and the types of blemishes in your diamond.

The best ranking for a diamond when it comes to clarity is IF, which means that the diamond is internally flawless. There are seven other rankings for clarity with diamonds beyond IF, and they end at I2. I2 diamonds contain more blemishes and are considered the least valuable option when it comes to certified diamondsย at aย Diamond Exchange.


The last category that labs use to certify a diamond is the cut of it. The cut is referring to the different angles and facets of a diamond, and the more angles and facets the diamond has will result in a much higher certified diamond price. These angles add to the brilliance and radiance of the diamond.

Some Diamonds Grow in a Lab

Benefits of Purchasing a Certified Diamond

There are a number of great benefits that you’re sure to enjoy once you’ve picked out the perfect certified diamond for your needs. Jewelers and appraisers might seem like the experts when it comes to the certified diamond price, but a lab has the right tools for the job to ensure that you’re getting the real thing.

Getting your diamond certified is important because they’re proof that your diamond is what you claim it is, and it allows you to hold the value of this beautiful and precious gem.

1. Certified Diamonds Prove They’re Natural

The majority of diamond appraisers tend to use traditional tools to evaluate and examine a diamond. Increases in technology make it possible to create diamonds in labs, and a typical appraiser will have an impossible time determining if your diamond is a true diamond or one that was created in a lab.

Getting certified diamonds gives you the peace of mind that your diamond is real and natural. The certificate that comes with your diamond will allow you to prove to anyone in the future that the diamond that you’ve purchased is real and worth the market value for its cut, clarity, and carat weight.

2. Proven Quality

A certified diamond also brings the benefit of giving you peace of mind that you’re purchasing proven quality for your money. Nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars on what seems like the perfect engagement ring only to find that your diamond is of much lower quality. Your jeweler or appraiser doesn’t have the means to certify a diamond with a true level of accuracy.

3. Allows for a Better Certified Diamond Price

Prior to certified diamonds, it was close to impossible to compare different diamonds on an even playing field. Getting GIA-certified diamonds will allow you to prove the purity and perfection of your diamonds since you’ll have the documentation from the lab to go along with your claims.

The small differences in a diamond’s grades could prove the difference between a diamond that is worth $5,000 versus one that has a market value reaching six figures.

Natural Diamond Colours

Find Your Perfect Certified Diamond Today

If you’re in the market to purchase a diamond for the first time then it’s a wise decision to consider getting a certified diamond. Certified diamonds offer you peace of mind that you’re getting a diamond worth the price you’re paying, as well as the documentation to back that up. It will also allow you to get a better price for your diamond if you wish to sell it at some point in the future.

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