As the COVID-19 hit the world, all scheduled sporting events got canceled. With the uncertainty spreading, sports fans and bettors are researching new teams and players. This process of discovery led bettors into the uncharted waters of Belarusian Premier League betting sites and markets. You might be confused about Belarusian soccer, but our Belarusian Premier League pro tips are here to lead you through this new journey.

What is the Belarussian Premier League?

Belarussian Premier League is the highest national football league in Belarus. Established in 1992, it currently includes 16 teams. Each team plays 2 matches with every competitor in the league.

Dinamo Minsk was the first champion of the league and won the first 5 championships. However, BATE Borisov proved to be the most recent favorite, winning 13 consecutive titles from 2006 to 2018.

Dinamo Brest became a champion in 2019, bypassing BATE Borisov, interrupting their winning streak. Another great contender is Shakhtyor Soligorsk, which is in 3rd place in the all-time best ranks.

Statistics for 2020 season so far

The Belarussian Premier League season started in March. With each matchday consisting of 8 games, they are usually played during weekends.

As the 3rd matchday finished last weekend, Energetik-BGU Minsk is leading the pack with 9 points and a goal difference of +5. Last year’s champion, Dinamo Brest, is the 10th, with 4 points, and the all-time favorite BATE Borisov is the 14th.

Pro Tips to Up Your Game

The season is far from over, so we have some tips to help you start betting.

Know the teams and look out for best players

As we have looked through the statistics and possibilities for the teams, it is time to go deeper and watch some Belarussian soccer. As the hype is real, Belarussian teams are getting more attention these days. You should do the usual stuff: observe the teams, look out for promising players, find out the career highs and lows for club managers.

Choose the best Belarusian Premier League Betting Site

Be specific as to what you are searching for. All leading bookmakers offer something alluring. You will see a wide range of betting markets, free bets, exclusive bonuses, and other useful features for this sporting event all over the place.

It might be overwhelming for bettors to choose among the lot, so we are here to help you. You can find Belarusian Premier League betting sites, expert tips, analyses, stats, and top free bets at

Go slow

If last year’s Belarussian Premier League finals and this year’s current situation have been any indication, anything can happen. That’s why a wise thing to do would be to observe the league a bit before placing bets on futures markets.


Bookmakers are changing gears to minimize the effects of the Coronavirus sporting events breaks. The market is filling up with Belarusian Premier League pro tips and betting offers as one of the remaining active leaguesBelarusian Premier Leagueduring the global pandemic.

Tapping into an unknown betting market can be challenging for sports betting fans, but with the right set of information, bettors can make some lucrative wagering decisions during these uncertain times.

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