With 1681 lakes to choose from as well as a long coastline, the USA’s a wonderful place for boating. Are you one of those fortunate who gets to enjoy this activity regularly in your own boat? Then you should know proper boat maintenance.

Boat ownership can get costly at times. Learning how to take care of a boat ensures you’ll save on some of these operating costs and avoid repairs.

Take a look at this boat maintenance checklist so you can enjoy hours of hassle-free fun on the water.

How to Clean a Boat

How to Clean a Boat


Regular boat cleaning helps prevent a build-up of dirt, mildew, and clutter. When you clean your boat after each use, you won’t have to subject yourself to a marathon session at the end of the season. Once you learn the proper boat maintenance it will beneficial for you.

Clean your storage compartments with a biodegradable solution. Afterward, sponge up any excess water that’s accumulated during this process or your while out on the water.

Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to keep dry storage areas spic and span.

Always clean your boat out of the water to prevent water pollution. Get started by hosing the hull down and applying an approved boat wash with a soft-bristled brush.

Never use household detergents on your boat, they’ll strip the wax layers from the hull. You can use an anti-stain formula on grimy areas, but here’s some more information on how to remove stubborn stains from your boat’s exterior.

Afterward, rinse the boat using a hose to get rid of any soapsuds.

Apply an even layer of boat polish to the hull and then wipe it down with a dry towel before applying wax. Finally, cover your vessel with boat wax using a soft cloth and a circular motion.

Basic Boat Maintenance

boat maintenance

Not only can it save you money down the line, but learning boat maintenance may prevent you from becoming stranded out on the water for hours. These are the basics you should know:

Boat Battery Care

Inspect your battery cables and battery for signs of malfunction before you set out. The battery cables should attach firmly to the terminals.

You’ll need a new battery every four or five seasons. A battery maintenance charger can help protect your battery and prolong its life if you’re storing it for a long time.

Fuel Issues

Never use E15 fuel in your boat, it’s not suitable for marine motors. Ideally, you shouldn’t use any fuel containing ethanol for your boat.

A marine-specific fuel stabilizer protects your carburetor by limiting phase separation and oxidation.

Check your engine oil before every outing and top it up with marine engine oil when necessary. Never use oil manufactured for automobiles for your boat.

Your Propellor

Your Propellor

Make sure your propellor stays free of fishing lines or other debris. If necessary, you can remove the propellor to disentangle it using a prop wrench.

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for this task.

Get Out on the Water Worry-free

When your boat maintenance is up to scratch, you’ll find a host of leisure opportunities at your beck and call. Boating opens a world of discovery, fishing, and fun.

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