Successful industries come from two things: historical evidence and future predictions. The $18.7 billion solar industry’s far from stagnant. It’s expected to grow one million installations a year, reaching 4 million in total by 2023.

These numbers show that solar’s a valuable investmentβ€”and what better time to go solar than during the peak growth period?

Solar panels for homes serve benefits beyond making a buck. If you’ve wondered if it’s your time to go solar, consider this your yes. Here’s what to know.

Solar Panels for Homes

The many benefits of solar panels make them an intuitive home upgrade. There are two good ways to know if solar’s right for you.

  1. If you’ve become a minority of non-solar homes in your neighborhood
  2. If you’re a trend-setter

No matter your influence, these steps can get you solar-ready.

1. Repairing Your Roof

First thing’s first. Solar panels are heavy and need sound home structures. When’s the last time you replaced or repaired your roof?

Installing solar panels on a faulty roof’s a recipe for disaster. Treating solar as a long-term investment helps lay the groundwork for long-time satisfaction.

2. Solar Panel Warranty

Going solar is the time to map out a 10-year plan. How long do you foresee yourself being in the home? Benefitting from solar means living there long enough to do soβ€”even if that’s 5-7 years.

Having a solar panel warranty allows you to get the greatest return on your investment. This means finding the right company for high-quality products and installation.

3. Solar Panel Designs

Do you have solar panel designs in mind? What have the neighbors done? Your roof, location, and climate can inform your solar panel layout.

There are different types of solar panels, from thin-film modules to glazed and unglazed thermal flat-plates. Additionally, solar grids need electrical systems and adapters to track energy absorption.

It’s best to talk to contractors about your specific roof, home, and location for wise solar panel designs.

4. Benefits of Solar Panels

Some benefits of solar panels are commonly known, like reducing carbon footprints. Others require a better understanding of energy to reap solar’s rewards.

Going solar can show you how home systems work together. If your home’s up to the proper fire and electrical codes, you can receive 26% federal tax credits on your installation.

Communicating with your electric company also makes it easy to save on your utility bills.

5. Group Effort

Solar panels for homes spark community connections. It’s a group effort to protect your personal environment as well as the collective one. Not only can you increase your home value, but your lifestyle can become more valuable to you too.

Loanpal is riding solar growth as the second biggest loan provider for solar-enthusiasts. It’s hard to say no to a conscious life with resources that make it easy.

Light up Your Life With Solar

There are endless motivators to go solar. If you’re enlivened by sunshine, why spend your days waiting for it to shine? Solar panels for homes draw the sun straight to you.

It’s easy to feel connected to nature with natural energy fueling your home. If you could save money, increase home value, and reduce carbon footprints all at once, why wouldn’t you?

Solar’s on the upswing and it wants you to house it. For more on smart home improvements, check out our other blog posts!

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