A recent study showed the around 55% of working adults in the United States don’t want to return to an office once COVID is better. Working from home has become a new way of life that offers more balance between work and family. Becoming a freelance writer can be a way to work at home.

If you consider working from home, one of the most lucrative ways is by freelance writing.

Continue reading to discover some of the most important factors to consider before becoming a freelance writer!

Time Is Money

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The most important thing to know before becoming a freelance writer is that time is money.

If you pick up an assignment that is worth $60, but it takes you 10 hours to write it in total, you are essentially only making $6/hour. Know what you are comfortable with writing and develop a plan to make the most of your time.

As you gain experience, you will fall into a routine to determine if you are making enough money.

Internet Connection May Fail

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One of the most feared scenarios for any freelance writer is losing connection to the internet.

If you are considering becoming a freelance writer, make sure that you have invested in good internet. Poor internet is a freelance writer’s worst enemy because you miss deadlines and lose money when you can’t write.

Try to develop a backup plan if you were to lose internet connection at home. Many people go to a local coffee shop or library to get work done in a quiet environment.

There Might Be Delays

Depending on who you are writing for, there may be minor delays from the time it takes to write an article to get paid.

Some companies have several teams that work on each aspect of an article. If the writer, editor, and content creator are all different people, they will each have their own deadlines. Another delay could be in the process of a company accepting your work or sending it back for re-writes.

Edits will be inevitable as well with writing freelance work. Hold tight and do your best to meet and exceed deadlines.

Freelance Writing Is Fun & Free

Working from home as a freelance writer will feel like freedom if you are used to the 9-5 office life.

You will be able to work from home on your own time— one of the best online business ideas ever! There won’t be anyone to micromanage or watch over your shoulder as you go to reply to a text message.

Many people that are in freelance writing enjoy what they do and are truly passionate about what they write about. Don’t be afraid to get your words out there and help companies in the process.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Freelance Writer?


Becoming a freelance writer can give you a sense of freedom and balance in life.

If you enjoy writing and can manage your time and work effectively, this could be the job for you. Working from home has many perks and can be a rewarding experience for anyone who wants to write.

Always be mindful of your computer battery and an internet connection to be most efficient.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about becoming a freelance writer and how you can improve your work!

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