If you’re getting into the craft beer business, you could not have picked a better time. The market for craft beer is undergoing unprecedented growth and is expected to increase in value by $47 billion in the next three years. People want more craft beer and they are turning away from the big brewing conglomerates like never before.

While all of this is good news for brewers, it also means that competition is fierce, as thousands of new companies enter the market every year. In order to stand out from the crowd and appeal to customers, you need an unbeatable product.

This starts with your beer packaging. Your beer package and label should catch the eye of customers and give a sense of what your product is all about. To find out more about the current beer packaging trends and what you need to be thinking about, read these handy design tips from our team.

1. Personality is Key

When it comes to beer packaging ideas, the most important thing is that your label evokes the personality of your brand and your product. This means considering which themes are appropriate as your starting point. Is your beer a tropical beverage that should transport the drinker to the beaches of Hawaii? Is it a vintage blend that should remind one of a smoky Victorian pub? Perhaps you have a cheeky, sour beer that could benefit from some humor? Once you know the personality of your product, the label is easy.

2. Beer Packaging Can Aid Logistics

Beer Packaging Can Aid Logistics

Do not forget that your beer packaging should also have a practical purpose. Your craft beer packaging suppliers can help make sure that your label makes transportation, storage, and logistics easier, saving you some serious cash. As this case study helpfully explains, the right packaging can make it easier to store and ship larger volumes of product, making your operations more efficient. Keep this in mind when choosing sustainable beer packaging.

3. Convey a Message

Don’t forget to convey a message with your label, as this will definitely help you sell more beer. For this, you need to know your audience and what they care about. You also need to consider your own mission statement and what makes you special as a brewer. Once you have managed to distill this message into two or three words, have these emblazoned on your label. The right slogan can and does make all of the difference in this industry.

4. Keep the Product Name Front and Center

Keep the Product Name Front and Center

Finally, don’t lose sight of your name. Many brewers get so caught up in marketing strategy that the simple things get left as an afterthought. As any visual branding expert will tell you, the name is the single most important thing. This is how customers will remember your product, recommend it to friends, and keep coming back for more. You want a very memorable, short name that is also evocative of the beer’s taste and texture. Check out this hilarious list for some inspiration.

Get Your Beer Business Off to the Best Possible Start

Beer Business

Beer packaging is only the first step to launching your successful brewing company. You need to consider shipping, marketing, supply chains, and more. For this, we have got you covered. Make sure to read our expertly-curated business guides to get your operations off to the best possible start.

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