As part of my fertility journey I have been researching natural ways to increase my chances of getting pregnant. I discovered that maca powder could help so I started incorporating it into my diet a few years ago. I also found out that maca has many other health and beauty benefits.

If you’re not familiar with maca, it is a plant that is native to the mountains of Peru and is related to turnips and radishes. It was traditionally used for cooking by the Peruvians, but they have also used it as a medicine for thousands of years.

There are many beauty and health benefits of maca. Here are just a few that I’ve noticed from my experience of using it:

More energy and stamina – I haven’t been totally consistent in using maca, but recently I purchased a new bag of maca powder and have put about 1-2 tablespoons in with my fruit smoothies that I drink about every other day now. I have noticed more energy and vitality. There used to be days when a full 8 hour work day would wipe me out, but now I am more productive throughout the day, plus I can squeeze in a workout and maybe even do a load of laundry!

Smoother, more radiant skin – A friend recently made the remark that my skin seems to be “glowing”. I’ve also noticed that the skin on my face doesn’t get as dry and rough. The Maca Team talks about how maca can help clear up acne, but also suggests that maca alone is not the ultimate cure. If you want to try a facial mask using maca, Crunchy Betty has a recipe worth looking at.

More mental clarity and focus – I tend to get overwhelmed when I have a ton of projects and the To Do list gets long, but since I’ve been taking maca again more consistently I seem more focused and less stressed. I don’t feel like I’m being pulled in ten different directions. Even sitting down to write an article like this is much easier.

How to Incorporate Maca Powder Into Your Diet

Maca is typically offered in powder form, but it is available in pill form as well. I mainly mix it in with my smoothies, but I do want to try it with my morning coffee. You could also use maca as a seasoning on foods such as sweet potato fries, steamed vegetables, or mix it in with your stews or curries.

Where to Buy Maca 

You can find maca powder in most natural food supermarkets like Whole Foods and Sprouts. There are also many online retailers that offer maca in powder or pill form. I’m currently using Anthony’s Maca that I purchased on Amazon.

Have you ever tried maca? If so, did you notice any benefits?

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