A parent’s job can be tough during the summer. This is especially true if you live in an area that is extremely hot. Sun exposure also poses lifetime risks for cancer and other skin problems.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go out and find summer activities for kids. These activities must be fun for the children and the adult accompanying them.  With a little creativity and flexibility, you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

When they are in college and talking about, “remember that summer when mom/dad helped us build…it was so cool.” That will be when you know you got an A+.

8 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Finding activities for your children and you that don’t require excessive time in the heat can be a challenge. Child focused programs can also drain your pocketbook. Following is a list of ideas to help your family enjoy the summer:

1. Air Hockey

Air hockey has been a classic for generations. This is fun for players of all ages.

When shopping for air hockey tables for kids, be sure that it has the same features as the full-sized tables. It should have leg levelers, scorers, a blower system, and a smooth surface for sliding the pucks. If the table can’t stand up to vigorous players, it’s not the one for you.

Another feature to consider is portability. Do you want to have this a permanent fixture in your home? Would you like to be able to easily store it away?

Here are the 5 top-rated air hockey tables for kids:

  • Harvil 5ft Table
  • Harvil 4ft Table
  • Tabletop Air Hockey Table
  • Hathaway Rapid Fire
  • GoPlus Air Hockey Table

Due to the popularity of air hockey, you have a wide selection to choose from. After a little research, you will be able to find the one that fits your family’s needs.

2. Backyard Art Studio

Transform your backyard into an art studio. Use tarps to cover fences, patios, the house or grass. Buy canvas boards, watercolor paper, and paint brushes.

Paint should be water soluble to prevent staining. Don’t forget that good old tempra paint works great with sponges, stencils, and fingers.

Clay comes in several varieties. You can buy clay that dries over time and then your child can paint it. If you do not have a kiln or wish to pay someone to fire the masterpieces, stay away from the clay that needs firing.

Colored sand can create decorative sand pictures. You can use glue and sprinkle the sand. Or, you can find small bottles around the house and layer the sand inside. You can also buy clear glue and beads and decorate the outside of the bottles.

There is no end to what your backyard studio will produce.

3. Movie Time

Matinee movie showings are always fun. This may take place at a traditional theater or in your newly created home movie theater.

Theaters often offer summer movie matinee packages. They may include discounted tickets, food, or other amenities. This is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

You can also pull out the creativity stick and make your own movie theater. You can hang sheets from the ceiling to create a small theater space. You can make or buy movie themed décor at party stores.

Wall murals are available online in many different themes. They are inexpensive and can transform a whole room into a new world. Pull in comfy chairs and serve popcorn, candy, and drinks.

Invite friends to your exclusive movie room.

4. Film a Cooking Show

Your children can star in their own cooking show. They can plan the recipe they wish to prepare. Next, they can make the shopping list and go to the store with you to buy needed supplies.

Have them rehearse their introduction and create a name for their show.

Now, with you as the videographer, it’s lights, camera, action. There will be no shortage of giggles, spills, and “ah-ohs”. What a great memory for the future.

You may also want to plan a formal premiere party in your movie room. Guests could sample the final product (if they dare).

5. The Fledgling Gardener

Help your fledgling gardeners plan a small garden. It could be a perennial flower garden, an herb garden, or a vegetable garden. You may wish to make a container garden with either leafy plants, flowering plants, or a combination.

Take them to buy small hand gardening tools, seeds, or plants. Don’t forget the potting soil. They may also select the containers as needed.

Teach them about the different kinds of plants and the growing conditions. Do the plants like sun, shade, water, or a dry environment? Make a schedule for watering and tending to the garden.

Who knows, someday they may end up on National Public Radio with their own gardening show.

6. Indoor Play Places

Indoor activity centers for children are a great way to beat the heat. These do have an entrance fee. Ask about season passes.

These centers offer many different styles of play. The trampoline parks are great for exercise and burning off that energy. Some play centers have bumper cars, carnival style games, and intricate slides and crawling tubes.

7. Bowling

Bowling is still fun, even after all these years. The whole family can participate. Summer discounts are also often offered.

The bowling alley will be happy to put bumpers up so that every shot can hit a pin. This creates a fun sense of success for younger children.

8. Children’s Programs at the Library and Bookstore

Most libraries offer summer reading programs. They often track the books your child reads and offer prizes and parties.

Libraries and bookstores may offer Story Time Programs. The children can go and listen to a story. There may be puppets and crafts included in the story time. This can help your children develop a love for reading.

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