Are you yearning for a beach adventure? With hundreds of islands and endless miles of coastline, there’s no better place than Greece for ocean lovers.

Imagine sitting by the ocean enjoying an aperitif of chilled ouzo? Picture diving gracefully of a pure white cliff into the sparklingly clear turquoise bay below. Envision hiking up to a lighthouse to admire the view of the picturesque seaside hamlet far below.

All this and more can be yours on a Greek beach tour. Read on for our pick of the beaches you should include in your itinerary.

1. Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos

With marble cliffs and pure white sand, Navagio Beach (more popularly known as Shipwreck Bay) is a historically exciting swimming spot.

Located on Zakynthos Island, it’s one of the most famous Greece beaches and is a popular destination for day trips. Adorning the beach is the wreck of a large ship, rumored to be once owned by smugglers. It’s common to arrive at the bay by boat, but there are also coach tours.

Make it a day of swimming and exploring by touring the whole island–start or end the day at this magical bay.

2. Erimitis Bay Beach

Accessible only by a hike, this is noted as one of the top beaches to visit on Paxos, or indeed, in the whole of Greece itself!

A landslide formed the small bay in 2008, and though towering cliffs still surround it, it’s safe to visit. Instead of sand, the beach is made of fine white pebbles.

Above the rocky shoreline is a natural spring water source. In the heat of summer, the spring makes the climb up the steep, wind-swept path to the well a rare cooling treat.

This brilliant blue bay is widely considered the wildest of the Paxos beaches.

3. Elafonissi Beach in Crete

Elafonissi Beach in Crete

If you want to visit Greece for the interesting botanicals, then Elafonissi Beach in Crete is the spot for you. Elafonissi is one of Greece’s Natura 2000 protected sites, and the island is home to over 100 rare plant species.

Of course, the beaches are stunning, too! Think crystal clear waters are ringed by sand formed from pink coral.

This spot is one of the most famous Greek beaches, so avoid going in the peak season. One way to escape the crowds is to wade through the knee-deep lagoon to the southside’s peaceful bays.

4. Red Beach in Santorini

Located near quaint Akrotiri village, Red Beach adventure is one of Santorini’s most famous.

Its vibrantly hued sand is the result of centuries of volcanic activity. Steeply cliffed, red-colored hills enclose the bay, and the beach’s red contrasts dramatically with the ocean’s blue. The beach is well organized with umbrellas and loungers for relaxing.

To reach the bay from one of the many nearby beach hotels, you need to park your car and walk for a few minutes. Bring a picnic or restock on your walk to the beach at one of two simple beach canteens.

Plan Your Greek Beach Adventure Now

Plan Your Greek Beach Adventure Now

Whether you’re a beach adventure-craving scuba diver, adrenaline-junky surfer, or prefer to spend your time at the beach lying on the sand, Greece has a beach for you. Pick an island on one trip, then book a different one for the following year. We promise you’ll find a new beach adventure on every visit.

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