Finding the right BB Gun for you doesn’t have to be a daunting process. You also don’t have to settle for something cheap that will fall apart.

Many people who would love to experience the thrill of using a BB gun miss out because they aren’t sure how to find the right one. This doesn’t have to be the case.

We’ve compiled information to help you with your BB gun shopping including the difference between the various types of BB guns and why to get one in the first place. Continue reading to find out more.

BB Guns vs. Airsoft Guns

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There is a common misconception that BB guns and Airsoft guns are one and the same. Before we dive into BB gun shopping, we wanted to distinguish the difference.

BB Guns

BB guns are air guns that fire small metal balls. These are different from regular guns because they use air instead of gunpowder and BBs (bullet ball or ball bearing) instead of traditional bullets.

The small balls they shoot are typically made of lead or steel and are coated in other metals like copper to help prevent corrosion.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are similar in that they utilize air pressure to shoot, but they don’t use the metallic balls that BB guns use. Instead, Airsoft guns are loaded with round plastic pellets.

The use of plastic as opposed to metal makes them arguably safer when using them recreationally.

Why Buy a BB Gun?

BB guns are popular for recreational use, but many are not sure if they want or should have one. The right BB gun shopping depends on a number of factors, but let’s start by discussing the benefits of owning one.


Gun Range Safety Tips

One of the biggest arguments against the use of BB guns is the potential they have to cause injury. While this may be true, it is recommended that only those 16 years of age or older use them and do so properly.

Additionally, BB guns are much safer compared to other weapons and guns when used responsibly.


BB guns are a relatively inexpensive option for recreational fun. The wide variety available means there is an option for every budget. Not to mention, the ammunition is easily accessible and very affordable as well.


The biggest attraction most people have toward BB guns is the potential for enjoyment. These are great for target practice and building your skills with a gun. They are fun to use with your friends and are easy to take with you.

Types of BB Guns

When a BB gun shopping, start by deciding on the style you want. Consider your need when deciding. Are you looking for something for strictly recreational use? Are you a police officer in training?

There isn’t one “right” type of BB gun, but there are better fits than others. AirGun Megastore has a list of things to look for when deciding on the best BB gun for kids.

There are three common types of BB guns available for purchase:

Spring Piston Air Rifle

This type of BB gun is characterized by a spring-loaded piston. When cocking the gun, the piston compresses and pulls a small hook back into the sear (part of the trigger that holds the hammer in place).

Once you pull the trigger, the sear releases, pushes the piston forward, compresses the air in the chamber, and pushes the pellet out of the gun.

This is the most common type of BB gun and is typically very affordable without sacrificing accuracy.

Lever Action/Pump Rifle

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This type of BB gun requires a pump or lever action to build up air pressure. The lever is often found below the barrel of the gun, in front of the trigger.

The lever needs to be pumped about 1 to 10 times to build up adequate pressure prior to shooting. The more pumping, the more pressure builds, and the farther/faster the BB gun shopping will travel. It’s also worth noting that as pressure builds, the lever will become harder and harder to pump.

These are single-shot guns that need to be pumped between each shot.

These are easy to use and have little recoil.

CO2/Gas-Powered Rifle

As opposed to the other two types, this type of BB gun uses CO2 gas to build pressure for firing. A small gas canister is attached to the magazine and when the trigger is pulled, the gas is released, creating pressure.

One canister is enough to fire multiple shots rapidly. These types of BB guns are used for training police officers. They are also limited in the amount of power they can put out.

Deciding on Quality

Part of buying a BB gun is deciding on the level of quality you want vs. the amount of money you want to spend.

Some are looking for the cheapest option available to have a little fun. However, it’s important to consider how long the cheapest option will last. For example, some cheaper options run into frequent mechanical issues after only a few uses.

Also, consider that a higher price point means better add-ons and accessories. If you might be interested in collecting BB guns, those with add-ons can be versatile between different guns as well.

A great option for beginners is to go with a BB gun shopping kit. This will be slightly more costly than the BB gun shopping itself, but it will save you on the cost of accessories. Plus, you won’t have to worry about BB gun shopping the right accessories for your gun.

Start BB Gun Shopping Today

Now that you know what to look out for when BB gun shopping as well as why you should get one in the first place, you’re ready to find the best fit for you.

Remember to consider the different types of BB guns and how they fit with your desired outcome. Make sure you are well-prepared to use the gun safely and properly.

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