In the US, basketball is the most-watched sport! With the teams dribbling the ball and running across the court to sink the ball into the hoop, it’s hard not to become entranced with this sport.

Whether you’ve just got into it or you’ve already been a huge basketball fan, chances are, you’ve heard of the Los Angeles Clippers before. But how much do you really know about this team?

If you’re interested in a little basketball history, then you’re in luck. We’re here to provide you with a brief history of the LA Clippers!

Los Angeles Clippers History: The Beginning

Los Angeles Clippers History

The LA Clippers team was first formed in 1970 and some will be shocked to learn that they didn’t start off in Los Angeles. They didn’t even have the name “Clippers” in the beginning!

Originally, the team was known as the Buffalo Braves and as you may have already guessed, the team was located in Buffalo, NY.

While they’re a well-known team today, they didn’t do so well in the beginning. But that all changed when they drafted Bob “Can Do” McAdoo, who boosted the team to success!

The Move to San Diego, CA

After 8 years in New York, the Buffalo Braves moved over to San Diego, CA in 1978. With this move came the name change that’d stick: The Clippers. Of course, at this time, they were known as the San Diego Clippers.

What’s a clipper? It’s actually a type of agile sailboat from the mid-19th century, so the renaming of the team was apt, considering that SD had a large and important harbor.

The Clippers had a good first year, but then suffered from a losing history for another 13 years before they’d regain momentum.

The Move to Los Angeles, CA

The Move to Los Angeles, CA

In 1981, LA real estate mogul Donald Sterling bought the team and relocated them to his city. But thanks to his lackluster management skills, the LA Clippers still weren’t a great team and suffered from major losses.

1992: The Turning Point

For the first time in 16 years, the team actually made the playoffs. And what’s even more surprising? They had a better record than the Lakers!

Now, this turning point was promising, but they lost the series since they couldn’t play the last payoff game due to the Rodney King riots. It wasn’t until 2006 that the Clippers won their first playoff series since they were in NY.

2009: The Real Turning Point

In 2009, the Clippers drafted Blake Griffin and from here on out, the Clippers could only go higher. They then gained Chris Paul as a player and Doc Rivers as a coach.

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Now You Know Some Basketball History

Now You Know Some Basketball History

For such a big-name team, the LA Clippers has quite a negative history. But with the major turning point in 2009, they’ve been mostly on track for paving their way to victory!

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