Speaking on Fox Business’ America’s Nightly Scorecard yesterday, Associated Industries of Florida CEO Barney Bishop lashed out at the Obama administration — arguing that over-regulation, specifically on the part of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, is “killing” the economy.

As head of Associated Industries, Bishop has been highly critical of the EPA, specifically for proposing a set of numeric nutrient criteria to stave off nutrient pollution in Florida waterways. The criteria would likely help rid Florida of its fish kills and algal blooms (the result of phosphorus and nitrogen, often present in industry waste), but would also cost agriculture and utility groups millions.

Bishop has never minced words when it comes to criticizing the EPA for its criteria. In May, he was quoted as saying that EPA chief Lisa Jackson “thinks she talks to God and she’s the only one who knows exactly what is the right thing to do about our environment.” He also came out hard against environmental law firm Earthjustice (the group largely responsible for the legal decision demanding the implementation of stricter criteria), calling them a “liberal, left-leaning, communist-inspired environmental organization.”

During his interview with Fox, Bishop said that the numeric nutrient criteria would be “punitive” for Florida and will cost the average family of four $700 on its annual water bill. (That statistic has been refuted by the EPA and environmentalists alike, but continues to be thrown around by business interests.)

Bishop, who referred to himself as a “lifelong Democrat,” said that the EPA is killing jobs with regulations that have become “ludicrous.”

“There isn’t anybody up there that understands how to create a job, create the environment,” said Bishop. “The truth of the matter is, Nancy Pelosi was the face of the 2010 election. I think that the face of the 2012 election is going to be EPA administrator Lisa Jackson. She is killing jobs quicker than the president can create them.”

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