Almost 60% of users say they won’t recommend a website that is poorly designed.

Having an outdated website can hurt your business. It can make it feel like the business doesn’t maintain their website or like the website is a scam.

When you have an updated website, your business will often run smoother because it looks modern, it gives the customers what they want, and it helps build your brand.

Your brand is what you want your customers to remember. It’s the story that brings your customers back. If you have an outdated or bad web design, they will remember a business that doesn’t care about their brand.

Here are some specific examples of how an outdated website can hurt your business

You Customers Are Confused

If you have an outdated website, it can hurt your relationship with your customers in multiple ways.

For instance, it can confuse the customer. They may arrive at your website and wonder why it looks like it came from the 90s or early 2000s. They may find your competitor and see if something more modern exists.

When you have a confused customer, it leads to lower engagement and a lower conversion rate. As a result, you are profiting less.

In addition, confused customers will leave the website because they don’t know where the navigation or anything is on your website.

They may also see a ton of pop up ads that are highly annoying.

If you think you have a bad website, you should also look at these signs that show why customers don’t like your website.

It Hurts Your Brand

Having an outdated website can also hurt your brand. Your brand is what your customers understand about your business, what they feel when they buy your product.

It’s the feeling of what the product does for the customer. Having a website that clearly articulates a message to a customer is a website that well-designed with a clear message.

In addition, when customers understand your product and how you can help them, it shows through a modern website. It’s easier for the customer to go through your marketing funnel instead of feeling uncertain as soon as they approach your website.

Having an outdated website can ultimately hurt your business from the very beginning of the customer’s journey

Why You Should Update Your Bad Web Design

A terrible website can give the customer the wrong impression of your business. It can lead to lower engagement to a lower conversion rate. That results in less profit simply because your website isn’t optimized.

It’s the result of bad web design and lead generation.

It’s important to see what parts of your website can be optimized, especially if it’s design or lead generation tools. When your brand is clearly identified on your website, you have more customers who understand your product and how it helps them.

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