In a perfect world, we could trust our doctors. You wouldn’t have to wonder if they’re misdiagnosing you. But the truth is, doctors are fallible.

Studies show that anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of surgeries aren’t needed. Doctors are doing treatments, including back surgery, that only cause more problems.

It’s time to find alternatives to back surgery that won’t put you into debt and still leave you in pain.

Great Alternatives to Back Surgery

When it comes to chronic back pain, it can feel like you have few options. But you shouldn’t have to go under the knife to find the relief you need.

1. Fix Your Diet

Sometimes, chronic pain creates a vicious cycle. Pain begins, it makes you stop moving, and when you stop doing things you gain weight. Likewise, weight gain and lack of movement contribute to even more pain.

This cycle is hard to break but breaking it can be the only thing standing between you and relief.

When you change your diet, chances are you’ll start feeling better. Excess weight weighs down the body and puts extra pressure on the back. Also, the right foods can foster wellness and healing in the body. Visit a nutritionist to help get you started.

2. Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor can be a great alternative treatment for back pain. Especially lower back pain.

The reason is that they attribute this pain to misalignment in the spine. In most cases, spinal misalignment causes the lower back to be out of place. With their techniques, they can help put it back into place.

Chiropractic visits aren’t a one-and-done experience, though. Most times, you have to have a few visits. In other cases, you may want to go back anytime you feel discomfort.

3. Physical Therapy

Most chronic pain patients see physical therapists when they experience back pain. Most insurance policies cover physical therapy, too, so it isn’t a financial stretch.

In physical therapy, you’ll learn how to strengthen your body in ways that help support you. With back pain, sometimes slouching or sitting for too long makes our bodies weak. Therapy shows you the weak areas, or the problem places, and how to overcome them.

Along with physical therapy, you can try physical activities such as yoga. Yoga is a great tool to learn natural pain management. Aqua-aerobics are great, as well.

4. Pain Management Specialist

If you feel your back pain isn’t getting any better, you can also try pain management.

Pain management specialists will work with you to find the right medical help for you. Whether it’s over-the-counter pain medication, or something more. They’ll work with you to find the least invasive method for your pain.

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Remember, surgery doesn’t have to be the answer to everything. Surgery can often lead to other serious complications. But these alternatives to back surgery can help you live a quality life for years to come.

One of the best ways to avoid surgery is to take care of your back early on. Here are some things you should be careful of doing if you want to avoid back pain.

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