Bachmann steps out of 2012 presidential race 1 - Florida Independent

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (Pic by Fibonacci Blue, via Wikimedia Commons)

On the heels of her poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann has announced that she is ending her campaign to become the Republican nominee for president.

Bachmann made the announcement at a press conference earlier today, saying, “Last night, the people of Iowa spoke, with a very clear voice, so I have decided to stand aside.”

Mitt Romney got top bragging rights in last night’s Iowa caucuses, edging out opponent Rick Santorum by less than 10 votes. Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul secured third place with arund 21 percent of the votes, while the rest of the candidates — Newt Gingrich at 13 percent, Rick Perry at 10 percent and Bachmann at 5 percent — fell much further behind.

Despite his fifth-place finish, Perry seems set to stay in the race, writing on his official Twitter account, “The next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State. … Here we come South Carolina!!!” The tweet included a photo of Perry in jogging gear, giving a thumbs-up.

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