It is not strange to have one-year-olds who have difficulty sleeping all through the night. You’ve breastfed them for quite a while; in the middle of the night frequently. You had to rock them to sleep after such times.

They wouldn’t just automatically begin to sleep all through the night as they grow, so this isn’t strange at all. Just bear it in mind that this is only a phase. However, the way forward is what you seek and we are here to provide that.

Different methods work for different toddlers. Hence, we’ve drawn up so many tips that have worked for parents over time. Just find the one that works for you and your toddler. Here are some methods:

Adjust your toddler’s bedtime

While trying to make it sooner works for some kids, making it a bit later works for others. Try both ways for one week each and see which works. The increase or decrease in time may even be as little as 30 minutes.

Fix them a quick meal that would help them sleep

This is not about feeding them with just any meal. Some meals enhance sleep and such meals are the focus. While there are several options of meals that help one fall asleep, a banana or banana oatmeal before bed always works. You can also try adding one more meal to your child’s daily meal. If you used to feed them four times a day, make it five by adding the extra sometime in the afternoon or evening.

Read to them for long periods

Kids are usually very active during the day, especially at that age. Hence, a longer period of calm before they sleep might be all they really need to rest all through the night. After their bedtime routine is over, read to them for a long while before they fall asleep. This would help them relax.

If you do not have a constant bedtime routine, this is a reminder to have one. A bedtime routine for toddler programs them for a night of sleep.

Give them Time

Some kids wake up at night, only to stay awake for five minutes and go back to bed. This could be your toddler. You can allow some patients to see if they’ll fall back asleep.

Water over Breastmilk

Babies are accustomed to getting breast milk once they are up in the middle of the night. This behavior could continue even as a one-year-old. As a mother, you can save yourself a lot of stress by giving them water and not breast milk once they are up to 12months old. This way, they would not look forward to waking up in the middle of the night anymore. Rather, they’ll begin to sleep all through the night.

However, this method should be confirmed with your pediatrician before its use. 

See if there’s anything bothering your child

Sometimes, it is just new progress with a developmental milestone (e.g walking) or something else bothering your child (e.g teething). Just check to see what it is. Be sure to also inspect your child’s ears, to be sure it isn’t an ear pain. It could even be the quality of your toddler’s mattress—maybe a better mattress is the solution.

Give Them More Playtime

Sometimes, kids do not just use up all the energy in them, hence sleeping through the night becomes a problem due to hyperactivity. Allow them to play outdoor excessively and burn up all their energy. This way, they’ll be tired at night and just sleep soundly.

Reduce Nap Time

If your child doesn’t sleep well at night, but naps for up to 2-3 hours, then you may want to slash that number by half. That way, sleeping at night could turn out easier.

Trying using a night light

Turning off the light could totally scare some kids, as there’s a level of awareness when they’re one. They now understand the concept of a room is dark and it may affect their sleep. So, try using a night light.


It is very normal for a one-year-old to wake up in the middle of the night, so have no fears. Just try the tips and you can be sure that a couple of them would work.

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