So you’re looking to travel around the United States?

You might be thinking of visiting major cities from Los Angeles to Miami. Those places are fine, but if you’re looking to enjoy great food and drinks, partake in fun activities, and enjoy incredible nature there’s a better place to visit.

You should plan a trip to Wisconsin! It’s one of the best states to visit in the country and one where you’ll have a great time.

But! Before you book your tickets, you’ve got to plan your itinerary!

Here are the things to do in Wisconsin:

1. Eating and Drinking

Eating and Drinking

Wisconsin is one of the hidden food capitals of America. It’s great for eating delicious cheeses and meats.

There’s farmland all over the state so you don’t want to miss out on a farm-to-table experience. You can also visit any of Wisconsin’s several micro-breweries to sample delicious craft beer.

Wisconsin is the home of Miller, Coors, and Pabst so you know you’ll find great beer at a low cost throughout the state.

2. Accommodations


One of the best things about visiting Wisconsin is that you can have fun without always having to leave home!

The state has excellent accommodations regardless of where you stay. For example, if you want to enjoy nature you can get a cabin in the mountains. These cabins, however, offer more comfort than the best five-star hotels.

If you visit during winter you should look for cabins with hot tubs for the ultimate luxury experience!

You’ll love your stay in Wisconsin so much, that you may even consider settling there permanently!

3. Enjoy Nature

Enjoy Nature

The nature in Wisconsin is some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the country.

If you love taking photos, make sure you stop by Devil’s Lake. This is a great spot if you’re looking to take the perfect Instagram post. You can also go hiking along the trails near Devil’s Lake. You can also go sailing, canoeing, or kayaking on the lake.

You should also take a sunset cave cruise at the Apostle Islands. You can take a guided tour during the summer or winter. During the winter months, you can see the icy caves! You can enter the caves and go hiking or snowshoeing!

4. Festivals


Whenever you visit Wisconsin, there’s bound to be an exciting festival that you can enjoy.

For example, Halloween in Madison, Wisconsin is arguably one of America’s biggest outdoor Halloween celebrations. There are also many great music festivals throughout the year.

If you visit during football season, you can’t miss out on watching a Green Bay Packers game!

Plan Your Trip to Wisconsin Today

Now you’re ready to plan your trip to Wisconsin! Make sure you plan your dates so you can attend festivals and enjoy the nature you want to see!

It’s a great place to enjoy delicious food and beer. It’s got a great selection of meats and the cheese is world-famous! You can go hiking or sailing to explore Wisconsin’s beautiful nature.

You can also relax in a luxury cabin somewhere in the mountains. When you’re fully relaxed, go out and enjoy one of the state’s famous festivals.

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