The progressive coalition Awake the State will join Occupy Orlando protesters on Nov. 1 in an event focusing on voting rights in the state.

Awake the State describes itself as a movement in response to Gov. Rick Scott’s policies involving “Floridians from every walk of life including educators, healthcare workers, police and firefighters, advocates for consumers, middle class families and more.” It is also a coalition of activist groups in Florida, such as Progress Florida, Florida Watch Action and America Votes.

The group’s announcement of the event says they will rally “in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the larger Occupy movement against corporate greed and control over our government.”

Occupy Orlando protesters were arrested this past Saturday, and just today, two more protesters were reportedly arrested. Occupy Orlando protesters have been rallying at Senator Beth Johnson Park for weeks now. Next Tuesday, Awake the State will join them there.

The event is set to feature discussions about “voter rights, voter participation, voter suppression, and what we can do to protect the vote.” The group is also planning to invite the Orange County supervisor of elections to have them register voters on site. In the past, Awake the State would have been able to register voters themselves, but new voting laws have made it harder for third party groups to register voters.

This past weekend, Awake the State held a summit to organize and mobilize Floridians who are against Scott and the GOP-led state Legislature. The summit was held to help the group expand to other cities and prepare for the upcoming legislative session.

Occupy Wall Street-inspired protests have taken place all over Florida (and the country) in the past several weeks. The rallies have been largely in response to the dwindling economy and corporate greed.

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