CBD has become a major player within the cannabis industry, with as many as 33% of Americans having tried it at least once. It shouldn’t surprise us that some states have made over $1 billion in overall cannabis sales since 2014.

But if you’re new to the game and aren’t sure how to buy cannabis online, it can be a tricky world to navigate. Much like any other product, there are rookie mistakes that can lead to a less than pleasant experience.

So, how can you avoid making these mistakes? Read on to discover 6 simple tips for successfully buying cannabis products online.

Choose Quality Over Price

Choose Quality Over Price

You may be hesitant to invest any significant money into your first online cannabis purchase, but don’t search for the cheapest products available. If health and safety are important to you, then quality is vital, even if it means paying a little more!

CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA and so the safety and effectiveness of individual products are never tested. If you aim for cheap products, the quality could suffer, and who knows what chemicals you’ll be putting in your body.

Over the past few years, research has shown that testing random CBD products reveals some harrowing results. As many as 53% didn’t qualify as hemp (cannabis that contains <0.3% THC) and 42% failed safety testing.

Low-quality products can contain adulterants, such as unrelated planet material (e.g. grass), heavy metals, glass, and random thickeners, such as Vaseline.

Avoid Synthetic CBD

When you buy cannabis online, the product must come from natural sources.

Synthetic cannabinoids are a type of drug designed in a lab to replicate cannabis. They mimic the substance’s interactions with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. The risk with these chemicals comes from their mystery and unpredictability.

The synthetic elements of these drugs can bind onto cannabinoid receptors more strongly than their natural counterparts.

Combine this with the fact that many of their ingredients are described as “unsafe for human consumption”, and you have a dangerous product.

Side effects can include vomiting, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and seizures, just to name a few.

Check a Company’s Reputation

Check a Company’s Reputation

Reputation is everything! We don’t buy any other products from unknown companies or dodgy sellers, so why would we do it with cannabis? When you buy cannabis online, you NEED to know that the product will be safe, natural, and reliable.

If a product seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Before you buy cannabis oil online (or any other product), research the reliability of the company. Does the website look professional? If the website has a review section, does it seem genuine or fabricated?

It’s always a good idea to go beyond the website in search of reviews. For example, Trustpilot hosts customer reviews, allowing you to see genuine feedback that a business has received.

Another option is checking out the Google reviews, which can be found via Google search results or on Google Maps.

Check out this dispensary in Colorado to see an example of a reputable company’s professional website.

Manage Expectations

Studies suggest that CBD has “considerable potential” for treating a variety of psychological and physical ailments, including anxiety disorders. But it’s important to remember that CBD research is still in its infancy.

If you’re going to buy cannabis candy online, don’t expect it to magically cure all anxiety or eradicate depression. As is the case with any health supplement, improvement will be most noticeable when combined with other strategies, lifestyle changes, and in some cases, therapies.

Read the Product Description

Have you ever been sold on a product simply by reading the title or seeing the images? You’re not alone, but if I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Read the product description!

You need to know the strength of the product, whether it contains any unnatural ingredients, does it come with any warnings, has been tested, etc.

Before you buy cannabis online, ask yourself these questions: What function do you hope it will serve? Does the product you’re looking at meet those requirements and expectations?

For example, if you buy cannabis seeds online, you need to have enough information to properly grow the plant and care for it. Different strains require different light, water, nutrients, etc. Similarly, if you want to grow Sativa, you can’t buy Indica seeds.

It seems simple, but it’s a common rookie mistake!

Do Research

CBD does NOT get you high, but THC does. So, before you buy cannabis edibles online, you need to understand how they work, the average onset time, the effects, and the duration.

Confusing THC and CBD could mean the difference between a positive or negative experience. It could also cause you to fail a drug test.

Researching a specific product is important, but you should also understand a bit about CBD, THC, and cannabis. If you don’t know enough about what you’re buying, it may not have the expected effects.

First-time CBD buyers are often drawn towards CBD isolate, a version of the product that has all non-cannabidiol compounds removed. It’s usually cheaper and can be 99.9% pure. With a little research, we quickly learn that removing these compounds may not be as great as it sounds.

The ‘Entourage Effect’ proposes the possibility that it’s not just a single ingredient of CBD that’s responsible for its benefits, but rather the inclusion of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and plant wax or matter. Removing these can limit any positive effects.

Ready to Buy Cannabis Online?

Ready to Buy Cannabis Online

Keep these tips in mind as you explore the market. Before you buy cannabis online, do your research, check the reputation of the company, read the product descriptions, search for high-quality products (avoid synthetics), and manage your expectations.

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