Did you know that the Google Display Network is the leading PPC player? If you didn’t know this before, you probably aren’t surprised to find this out.

As the top search engine, it’s important to create campaigns through Google.

To ensure the best results, you need to know the common PPC ad campaign mistakes and how to avoid them. Keep reading to learn more.

Not Using Negative Keywords

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A PPC ad campaign should use negative keywords so that you receive high-quality clicks. A negative keyword list includes keywords that you don’t want to rank for.

Google triggers more keywords than ever before creating multiple keyword match types. Some of these aren’t relevant to your brand.

It’s also important to ensure keywords are relevant to the media you are using. For example, your Facebook ad keywords may be different from your YouTube ads. To learn why these are different, check it out here.

You don’t want someone who has no intention of spending money to click on your ads. Google’s negative keyword list allows you to exclude as many wasted keywords as you want to improve your total return on investment (ROI).

Always Aiming for the #1 Position

On paper, being the #1 spot on search engine rankings seems great. However, reaching the top spot requires a lot of time, money, and effort. You could be using this elsewhere to receive a better return on investment.

It’s important to allocate your marketing dollars to keywords that you can afford and that will lead to customer conversions. Focus on your ROI rather than the #1 spot.

Being in the second or third position can still generate the clicks you want while not costing you as much money.

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Not Using Ad Extensions

It’s common for marketers to forget to add ad extensions to their PPC campaigns.

Google ad extensions are worth using depending on your business and the type of ad you are creating. The main ones to consider are:

  • Sitelink extension
  • Location extension
  • Price extension
  • Callout extension

Extensions increase the size of your ad so that they take up more screen space. They can also increase click-through rates and user engagements.

Ways to Get the Best Pay Per Click Advertising Results for Your Travel Business

They are free to add so don’t make the mistake of not utilizing them in your campaign.

Not Using Ad Schedules

Your marketing efforts can go completely unnoticed if you aren’t posting at the right times. There are always times when you receive the best conversionsΒ which means that the default Google campaign setting that shows ads all day isn’t actually ideal.

To figure out your prime time, it’s important to complete an analysis. Take advantage of the busy time periods so that you can stretch your campaign budget further.

If you notice you are getting quality leads at a certain time during the day, increase your bid and spending for those times.

To avoid the mistake of not using a schedule, take advantage of ad scheduling through Google ads to maximize optimization.

Boost Your PPC Ad Campaign!

To boost your PPC ad campaign and get the most clicks, you need to avoid these common mistakes.

When you use negative keywords, stop focusing on being #1, use ad extensions, and utilize ad scheduling, you’ll benefit the most. Use these tips now and watch your conversions roll in!

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