Do you need to make an insurance claim?

Currently, insurance premiums are rising faster than inflation. Many homeowners have to pay well over a thousand dollars per month just on their property insurance policy.

When it comes time to claim, the last thing you need is to have your claim rejected over some small mistake. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways you can unknowingly jeopardize a completely legitimate claim.

Steer clear of these pitfalls and read on to find out 4 common insurance claim filing mistakes to avoid.

1. Failing to Document the Damage

Third-Party Insurance Claim

One of the most common insurance claim filing mistakes people make is failing to document the damage. Whether a tree has fallen on your home, floodwater has damaged your furniture, or a vehicle has driven into you, it’s essential that you comprehensively document the damage so you can submit this with your insurance claim documents.

The easiest way to do this is by taking photos and videos. You should also draw up a list of all the damaged items or areas.

Another think mistake many people make in the claim filing process is throwing away damaged items. Do not throw out damaged items until you have received a payout from your insurance.

2. Not Contacting Your Insurer Immediately

Do not delay in contacting your insurer. The sooner you alert them of your claim the easier it will be to remember important details. If you delay too long in contacting your insurer it can also make your claim look less urgent and less serious.

Finally, your policy might also have a claim filing deadline, such as 48 hours. If you missed this deadline, your insurer can refuse point blank to make payment.

3. Accepting Whatever the Adjuster Says

Public Adjusters contrary to popular belief are on your side

Another very common insurance claim filing mistake is to accept whatever your adjuster says. If your adjuster’s valuation of the loss doesn’t sound right to you, you are fully within your rights to question it.

The cost to replace and repair property and belongings can vary according to location. For instance, if you have suffered structural damage to your home, depending on where you live, construction costs in your area might be higher than what the adjuster estimates.

If you question your adjuster’s estimate, you might be referred to the insurer’s consumer complaint department. If your insurance company won’t come to the table, you can also look into hiring a lawyer to defend your interests.

Not sure if this is necessary? Look here to find out more about how a property damage lawyer can help if your insurance company is lowballing you.

4. Not Keeping a Record of Your Interactions With Your Insurer

Besides querying in unfair estimates, you should also keep a record of all your interactions with your insurer when filing a claim. Take down the names of every representative you speak to, make note of phone calls, and keep all emails related to the claim.

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If your claim does not go smoothly, having this info on hand can be invaluable.

Avoid These Insurance Claim Filing Mistakes

Claiming from your insurer is often not as easy as you’d like to be, especially if there’s a large sum involved. Fortunately, you can increase the chance of your claim success by avoiding these insurance claim filing mistakes

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