People who enjoy watersports are usually aware of AutoWake and how it improves a boat’s performance on the water. It is a one-of-a-kind feature offered by Skier’s Choice and has delivered impeccable results for Moomba and Supra boats. It is an autopilot system that allows these top-of-the-line boats to create consistent and precise wakes and waves. The patented hull management system automatically adjusts the hull’s position to distribute replicable waves and wakes in all conditions every time. Although it may sound like a far-fetched statement, AutoWake is an incredible technology that has transformed the idea of persistent waves and wakes into reality. Like, Moomba AutoWake is a collection of four patented systems that work together to create exact waves and wakes all the time. The driver only has to enter the desired wake size in the brand-new vision control on the dash and achieve their desired waves.

AutoWake Technology

This article will help you learn more about the benefits of AutoWake and the reasons why it is a must-have technology for boats.

How Does AutoWake Work?

The four patented systems of AutoWake work together to create precise waves and wakes. These systems work dynamically to measure the bat’s draft, pitch, and roll as it moves and adjust the ballast accordingly. The predictive state technology measures and fills ballast to help hit the needed roll, pitch, and water displacement required. It also manages the weight of the boat so the driver can relax and enjoy the ride without any worries.

With personalized wake and wave preferences, you can save special settings with personalized rider profiles in the main console. AutoWake ensures to remember your previous and preferred wave settings and replicates them until you change them yourself.

Benefits of AutoWake

Reasons Why AutoWake is a Must-Have Technology on Boats

1. It Allows Greater Control

With AutoWake, you can enjoy the most consistent and persistent waves whenever you hit the water. You only have to push a button to replicate the same great wakes and waves, and the system takes care of the rest for you.

2. You Can Adjust the Size and Shape of the Wake per Your Preference

The various algorithms and sensors of the system work together to automatically adjust the roll hull angle numbers and pitch for precision and consistency. This way, the driver can spend less time adjusting the boat’s settings and enjoy riding on the water.

3. It Offers Guidance on Weight Distribution

If you don’t know how to distribute the weight in the boat, the AutoWake system also offers guidance on weight management. If it can’t reach the required numbers on its own, it will coach you on where to move weight in the boat.

4. Experienced and Novice Drivers Can Benefit from It

How Does AutoWake Work

No matter if you are an experienced boat driver or a new boating enthusiast, the AutoWake system is beneficial to all. It allows drivers to enjoy the ride and ensure their experience is fulfilling and stress-free.

Wrapping Up!

AutoWake is a fantastic feature offered by some companies. If you want extra guidance to achieve the perfect wake, the AutoWake system is a must-have for any new boat you purchase.

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