Auto dealers in Florida reported nearly normal sales and traffic levels despite the sharp spikes of Covid-19 cases in their state. Autotrader Florida the major concern is the current vehicle inventory shortage as auto plants are not yet at full capacity due to the latest shutdowns.

If dealerships run out of vehicles, this could be bad news not only for autotrader Florida but the car companies alike and the potential buyers too, according to The Drive.

Do you know the advantages of buying a used car? Keep watching to know more.

Autotrader Florida Concerned Over Inventory Shortage

According to W. Smith, president of Monument Chevrolet, he hasn’t seen a big drop in his dealership business despite the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks.

The issue is that many people are buying used cars as there aren’t enough new vehicles on the lot. Smith also added that 90% of their sales are pickup trucks, but they’ve been affected by plant shutdowns. So, what does this mean for car buyers? Here’s what you should know about autotrader Florida.

Shortage of Pickup Trucks

Florida and Texas have become two of the main hotspots for Covid-19 in the US but it is in the same state where General Motors truck plant is situated. Since May, the plant has seen 22 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the United Auto Workers have asked GM to halt its production.

Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst for Autotrader, also said that the lack of inventory in both states has been the lowest record in nearly 9 years.

“Supply is particularly low in pickup trucks,” she said, referring to both full-size and mid-size trucks. However, the lack of inventory may be the biggest threat to new model sales.

Finding A Great Deal

With auto dealers facing shortages of new models, car buyers are searching for a good deal on the best vehicles available.

In fact, many are expanding their search outside of local dealerships and relying on expert vehicle shopping guides online. Although it is harder to purchase a vehicle with inventories dipping below their optimal levels, it doesn’t mean one can’t find a great deal.

Being Flexible and Patient

Your search autotrader Florida will leave you with the best car deal. Look for vehicles with incentives, Beresford adds. Some incentives offered to consumers to stimulate car sales and reduce inventory pressure are low or zero-interest financing and special leases.

The automotive market may be going sideways while the economy is slowly recovering. On a positive note, Tesla’s market is now making its way towards sustainable global EV sales.

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