As world economies continue to grow, manufacturing is becoming more and more important than ever. As a consequence, the functions that support manufacturing β€” e.g. warehouse operations and the like β€” only continue to increase in importance as well.

Forklifts are the driving force behind successful warehouse operations. Consequently, the forklift mechanic market is one that you can expect to only continue to grow. Total pay for a forklift mechanic can be as high as $60,000 a year!

The good news is that if you already have experience as an automotive mechanic, making the lateral switch to becoming a forklift mechanic is one that you’ll be able to accomplish without much difficulty.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about making a career change. We’ll show you how to take your solid knowledge of automobiles and applying it to the forklift world.

Forklift Mechanic and Auto Mechanic Similarities

The good news about transitioning into a forklift mechanic role is that it holds many similarities to your previous role as an automotive mechanic.

Chief among these similarities is the knowledge and use of various tools.

As a mechanic, you have probably become intimately familiar with the use of ratches, torque wrenches, impacts, and many other tools. You know how to remove and install fasteners properly, and which tools to use in what application.

This knowledge is certainly applicable to the forklift industry. Many of the tools used by forklift mechanics are one and the same as those used by auto mechanics.

Another big similarity that the roles share is a need for diagnostic capabilities. As an auto mechanic, a big part of your job was probably diagnosing a customer’s car troubles. You had to figure out which part had failed by conducting a series of tests to zero in on the problem.

In the forklift mechanic industry, you’ll be applying that same basic skill set of diagnosing issues. You’ll learn about each individual machine and its common weak points. Then, you’ll know what possible parts could be at fault when a certain problem manifests.

Having gone through the motions of that process will hold you in great stead.

Forklift Mechanic Training

The bulk of the new training that you will have to absorb will have to do with how a forklift works. Thankfully, forklifts are far simpler machines than automobiles. It’s definitely easier to go from forklifts to automobiles rather than vice versa.

To shore up your knowledge, use the Internet to understand how Large Lift Trucks and other equipment pieces in this industry work. Be sure to understand the key differences between a forklift’s motor and an automobile engine.

Make the Career Change Now

If you feel ready to take on the demanding role of a forklift mechanic, there’s no reason for you to delay making the career change! Following the lucrative career path of a forklift technician can certainly be a wise choice.

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