As the Gulf Coast Claims Facility continues to face complaints of delays in processing final and interim payments, the Pensacola News-Journal is reporting that Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater had some strong words during a swing through the Panhandle this week:

Many claimants have submitted the same sets of paperwork multiple times, only to be asked to submit them again, Atwater said.

He believes the Claims Facility has shown a pattern of not meeting the needs of those it is charged with serving.โ€I think their process now is even begging for some legal pursuit to hold them accountable,โ€ he said.

Earlier this week claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg noted that the facility has processed most of the claims it has received, but that the process is still โ€œnot perfectโ€ and is still grappling with what he described as a lack of documentation for tens of thousands of claims. Hereโ€™s a look at the data behind the delays.

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