We have been on the phone with business owners facing eviction that same day, or who could not put food on their families’ tables that night because their bank accounts had dwindled as they patiently waited for their promised claim payments.

Atwater wrote that he wants to work with Feinberg, and let his office offer ways to improve the process and speed it up.

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater’s Leter to Kenneth Feinberg

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After two weeks, Rep. Campbell still up in arms over Randolph’s supposed ‘bullying’

According to Charisma Magazine, Campbell was joined by two-dozen supporters outside the Orlando offices of Randolph on Tuesday, demanding a public apology. During a press conference at the demonstration, which was posted to YouTube, Campbell said that Randolph began bullying her shortly after she finished a speech in support of the ultrasound bill. He come to me and he took all the books on the table and he flung them at my face...with a lot of 'F' words, several times...and he said 'I swear! You could never be reelected! I swear! I'm going to get an opponent to replace you!'