Democratic CFO candidate Loranne Ausley lashed out at Senate President and Republican CFO candidate Jeff Atwater and the Republican Party of Florida today, criticizing the party for failing to release the complete audit of its credit card spending.

The party announced that it would not be releasing the audit of party finances on Saturday, and hinted at potential litigation against Gov. Charlie Crist, former Party chairman Jim Greer, and a top aide, for inappropriate spending between 2007 and 2009. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, interim chairman John Thrasher said that party spending consists mostly of “travel expenses,” but Ausley reps say the audit will also include at least $44,115 spent by Atwater.

“It’s imperative that Senate President Jeff Atwater and the Republican Party of Florida come clean with Floridians by releasing the audit before the election,” Ausley said in a press release sent out this morning. “The entire credit card scandal sheds light on the perks Republican leaders like Jeff Atwater enjoyed during some of the toughest budget years our state has ever faced. Besides raising our taxes, what exactly were Jeff Atwater and his Republican aides doing in Tallahassee? Floridians need someone to clean up the mess in Tallahassee, not cover it up.”

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