Making the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home isn’t always the easiest decision to make, but it’s sometimes the best. When your loved one needs 24/7 care, and you can’t provide them with this, then it’s in everyone’s best interest to find a reputable and caring nursing home.

Choosing nursing homes for loved ones is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly, however. You need to find a facility that’s going to care for your loved one in the same way you would if you were able to.

Below is our list of several questions you should ask before deciding if a nursing home is right for you and your loved one.

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1. How Much Freedom Is Given?

One of the hardest things about moving from a home into a facility is giving up your freedom and independence. Your loved one is used to living their life the way they want to, and you don’t want to take this from them.

Ask the facility how much freedom is given to the residents. Can they eat, sleep, watch tv, and participate in activities whenever they want to? Are there rules about decorating their rooms or how the furniture is rearranged?

Is there a set schedule that must be followed? Is there an option for a concierge nursing home?

Know the answers to these questions before making your final decision.

2. What’s the Staff/Patient Relationship?

You should find a facility with a good staff/patient ratio and relationship. Know how much staff are on-site vs about how many patients or residents there are. You should know how much time is spent between the staff and patients as well.

Be sure to ask what the turnover rate is for the staff as well. You want to find a facility with a low turnover rate as the nurses are what make the facility.

3. What Different Types of Services Are Offered?

The facility you choose for your loved one should have both therapy and recreational services to offer to your loved one. Recreational services can range from arts and crafts to different sports and everything in between.

Therapy services include rehabilitation programs with all the necessary equipment. If the facility does offer these services, your next step is to ensure the people running these services are certified therapists.

4. Is the Nursing Home Accredited and Certified?

What types of certifications and accreditations does the facility have? If it’s a nonprofit, do they have a gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations?

Being accredited by the JCAHO means that the facility has met certain standards for medication management, safety guidelines, and more.

Choosing Nursing Homes for Someone Is a Big Decision

Having to make the decision for a loved one about where they’ll spend the last of their years is a difficult one to make. Choosing nursing homes for loved ones is an easier process, however, if you ask these questions listed above.

Be sure to know what to ask and what answers you’re looking for before making a final choice.

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