Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has been on a media blitz in the wake of a federal court’s decision to strike down the federal health care reform law’s “individual mandate” that people obtain insurance or face penalties.

The court upheld the other provisions of the law, but Bondi said the mandate was essential to the overall effort.

On Monday, during an appearance on Fox News, she told On the Record host Greta Van Susteren that she wanted the case heard by the Supreme Court quickly, to end the uncertainty about the law’s constitutionality as soon as possible. Challenges are proceeding in other courts, and another federal appeals court has upheld the mandate.

Van Susteren wondered what could happen if the law gets struck down after the federal government has already districted grants to states to begin implementing the law. Bondi noted that wouldn’t be much of a problem in Florida, which has been rejecting grants tied to the law.

“Let me tell you, I’m proud that in Florida, Gov. Scott’s not taking any of this money, because this is unconstitutional, this is what we’ve been saying all along, and we’re not getting wrapped up in this money,” she said.

The full clip is below:

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