As the discussion about what to do about immigration continues to heat up, punctuated by GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain proposing we construct an “electrified” fence along the Mexican border, an immigrant advocacy organization launched the Somos/We Are campaign:

In a release issued this week, the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (known as NALACC) said that “as a response to the increase of anti-immigrant laws across the country and the confusion caused by Obama’s latest announcement on deportation procedures, today Latino immigrant leaders will kick-off an ongoing nationwide community education campaign intended to empower immigrant communities and educate them on issues that affect their lives directly.”

The New York Times reported Wednesday that “Republican candidates are competing over who can talk the toughest about illegal immigration — who will erect the most impenetrable border defense; who will turn off ‘magnets’ like college tuition benefits.”

The Times added:

Joe Gruters, chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota County in Florida, said that showing toughness against illegal immigration was an “electrifying” issue and could bump a Republican candidate many points in primary polls. He is disappointed by the moderation of candidates’ proposals so far. “Nobody said, ‘We have to repeal the 14th Amendment,’ ” he said, referring to the constitutional guarantee of citizenship to a child born in the United States.

According to Numbers USA (which wants “lower immigration levels”), their “5 Great Immigration Solutions grid was the big winner during [this week’s] GOP Presidential Hopefuls debate in Las Vegas.”

The organization’s grid involves the passage of legislative bills in five categories: end chain migration, mandatory E-Verify, end visa lottery, end birthright citizenship, help local law enforcement.

Early this week, Pastor Mark Boykin of the Church of All Nations in Boca Raton called Herman Cain’s comments for an “electrified” border fence that could kill people trying to enter the country illegally incendiary, and dangerous.

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