The US is one of the most generous countries for scholarships. These scholarships are open to international students, for whom separate funds and programmes are sometimes created. A poor artist (or a representative of any other creative profession), no matter whether he is a student or a professional, will surely be able to find a scholarship that will help him obtain a specialized education or relevant work experience. Here is a list of scholarships in the United States that are available for representatives of various creative professions.

Fulbright Scholarship for Artists

The Fullbright Foundation provides a grant to artists who wish to travel to the U.S. for seminars, lectures, workshops and the like. The maximum duration of the trip should not exceed 9 months. Applicants for the grant must have specialized education and work experience. This program provides flexible requirements for English proficiency, the minimum level is determined depending on the field of art: the requirements for choreographer will be less stringent than for writer. Preference is given to people who have never been to the USA before. Grant winners will pay for their flight, health insurance, and monthly stipend payments.

Scholarship for art historians and cultural scientists studying the digital revolution

Each year, the John Kluge Center at the Library of Congress awards scholarships to researchers who wish to study the impact of the digital revolution on society, culture and international relations. The residence can last a maximum of 11 months. The amount of the scholarship is $4,200 per month. Specialists from all fields, including art history, are invited to participate in the research. Preference is given to owners of PhD, but it is not a mandatory condition. Applicants should send a questionnaire, CV, research plan, letters of recommendation. Naturally, good knowledge of English is required. Applicants must indicate how they will use the Library of Congress in their research. The deadline was in December 6th, but you still have an opportunity to get a UCSD transcript.

The Getty Foundation offers paid internships in Los Angeles and Malibu for Masters and Postgraduate students of art at the university, as well as professionals working in the field (with a degree). The duration of the internship is 8 months ($17,400) or a year ($26,000). All trainees will receive free health insurance, transportation costs and, if necessary, a research grant ($2,500). Deadline – July 15, 2020.

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Arts provides funds for internships for art professionals. You can choose from a wide range of projects implemented by MMA. Scholarships to participate in these projects are available for both undergraduate and graduate students (including those from other countries). The duration of the internship is 2-12 months. The size of the scholarship depends on the duration of the internship: from $3 500 to $25 000. In total about 40 programs are offered, deadlines are different everywhere, specific terms should be clarified on the MMA website.

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