State Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, chairman of the Criminal Justice Committee of the Florida House, announced today his support for a Florida bill similar to the new Arizona immigration law.

“I would absolutely, 100 percent, unequivocally support an Arizona law,” Snyder told the Sun-Sentinel. ”I’m not opposed to introducing that bill – it’s something I’m considering.”

Snyder joins Rick Scott and Bill McCollum, Republican candidates for the governor’s office, as well Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, all of whom endorsed the Arizona law over the past few weeks.

Despite the fact that Florida is home to a huge Hispanic population, recent polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports indicate Florida voters favor the Arizona law.

Cheryl Little, the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center’s executive director, said, “Passing any Arizona-style bill in Florida will go a long way to devastating our agriculture, tourism and health care businesses, not to mention that taxpayers end up paying a bundle to defend the law.”

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