Any form of pain is bad, but pain in your feet is a whole different level, especially if it’s chronic pain that won’t go away. The hard part is that we can’t always just lie down and rest our feet, since we often need to be on them in order to go about our day.

Many people suffer from feet that always hurt, and just accept it as a fact of life and decide to live with it. But there are a few things you can try in order to relieve the pain.

Shoe Inserts

While people often use shoe inserts for height, there is actually more than that to them. Shoe inserts can help with things like how you place your feet when you walk, as well as your posture. Both of these things can help relieve some of the pain you feel in your feet. Try store bought ones first, and if that doesn’t work, you can go see a podiatrist to make a mold of your feet and use that for custom inserts.


Ice is often a go-to when it comes to any sort of pain, and there’s a good reason for it. Ice can help reducing swelling as well as numb some of the pain. While it’s only a temporary solution, it can still make a great difference. Be sure to never apply ice directly to your foot; always wrap it in a cloth or something similar first. You should also not leave ice on for longer than twenty minutes. You can buy an ice pack, which will mold to the shape of your foot much easier, but if that’s not an option, you can use a normal bag of ice or even some frozen peas.


Baths are often suggested for people who have back pain, but the truth is that baths should help with any form of pain in your body. You can even add some Epsom salts, which have loads of benefits when it comes to muscle pains. If you’ve tried this a few times and find that it works, you can even consider investing in a foot spa. Soaking your feet for a few minutes each night while you watch TV is bound to help ease your pain.

Pain Medication

Pain medication will obviously help to relieve your pain, but this is one method that should be used sparingly. It’s very easy to start relying too heavily on pain medication, so this should be saved for occasions when the pain really gets out of hand. There are also herbal options that you take, which should help relieve your pain without the side effects of pain medication.


A massage is something that will help greatly to ease the pain in your feet, especially if you incorporate it into your routine and do it on a regular basis. Foot pain is often due to tension or too much pressure on muscles, so massage will help with both of these options. You can spoil yourself and go for a professional massage, or you can ask a loved one. If that’s not an option, you can even give yourself a foot massage.

Pain Relieving Gel

If you’re looking for a quick way to help ease the pain, pain relieving gel is the way to go. There are various options, and most have either a heating or cooling effect. Feel free to try a few different brands to see what works for you. It might tingle if you apply it, so don’t be worried about that. A way to make it work even better, is to apply a thick layer to your feet and spend some time rubbing it in. After that, place some thick socks on your feet to really lock the gel in and make sure your foot absorbs all of its benefits.

Change Your Shoes

If you haven’t always struggled with foot pain and it doesn’t run in your family, it is possible that your pain could be caused by an external factor. The most common factor that causes foot pain, is your shoes. Regularly wearing high heels, wearing the same shoes every day, or wearing shoes that are worn through can all cause foot pain. Instead, try to switch things up and get some shoes that will offer your feet maximum support, such as boots. Try wearing different shoes and keeping track of your pain levels to determine whether your shoes could be the root of your pain.

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