Did you know that over 6.9 million students were enrolled in distance classes in the fall of 2018?

Distance classes are a fancy name for online classes, which have been on the rise in our digital age. Online classes provide many benefits that traditional classes lack.

It does beg this question though: are online classes easier? This may cross your mind as you search through course catalogs.

We’re here to help you explore this question!

Keep reading below to learn the pros and cons of an online class and whether it’s an easy alternative for you

Are Online Classes Easier? The Downsides to Online Learning

Some people assume that online classes will have a lighter workload, but that’s rarely the case. In fact, they can sometimes require more work from students.

Because the course is void of in-class discussion, many professors require students to post at least once on a class forum each week. You may be able to avoid discussions during in-person classes. Online classes, however, often require weekly posts to hold you accountable for participation.

Unless your professor holds video chat sessions with the class, you will only communicate with them through text. That means if you are less well-spoken in writing than orally, you may have trouble making a good impression on your professor.

Online classes can be especially difficult if they don’t align with your learning style. Taking classes online requires discipline and strong self-motivation. You won’t have a classroom of peers to encourage you during the class, so you will have to find ways to stimulate your brain on your own.

Pros of Online Classes Worth Considering

There are plenty of reasons worth taking online classes. For example, if you have trouble getting involved with in-person discussions, an online class could be the perfect place to engage with your classmates on the subject material.

Many students find they don’t have the energy to commit to morning classes in college. An online class can better your performance because they allow for flexibility schedule-wise.

Online classes are excellent for students who want to move at their own pace as well. Most online classes extend the coursework and reading material at the beginning of the term. This means students can work ahead if they want to or take it slow if they need to spend additional time on certain topics.

Evaluating Online Classes

As you may have noticed, online classes may be easier for some students while they’d present more of a challenge to other students. This means there’s no black and white answer when asking, “Are online classes easier?”.

For the most part, it comes down to learning styles and methods. For students who prefer self-teaching and are good at self-motivating, online classes will likely be easier than offline classes.

For those who learn best through in-class engagement and rely on external forces as motivation, traditional classes will likely be easier than online classes. The excess of freedom and flexibility that comes with online classes can make them more difficult for these types of students.

For those searching for a flexible course option to fit into a busy schedule or those who prefer a self-paced curriculum, online classes will almost certainly be easier!

Making the Right Decision

College requires hard work and effort no matter which type of classes you take, but you’ll no longer have to ask “Are online classes easier?”. Evaluate your learning habits and reasons for taking online classes with the guide above, and you shouldn’t have any trouble making a decision!

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