A successful career and a stable financial foundation are based on a functioning system of investment, education, and training. The interest of many private investors in securities trading has increased enormously in recent years.

In direct comparison, it is noticeable that there are more and more providers and online brokers that have their headquarters abroad. Who is still unsure on this point, whether he can invest his assets with one of these providers really safe and reputable, should read the following article very carefully.

How safe are the brokers from abroad?

It is not a quality criterion if an online broker has its headquarters in the US. There are now many very reputable providers abroad that have the necessary certificates and licenses. Quite online brokers, for example, settle in other EU countries as well as in Malta, as there are social and entrepreneurial advantages for them.

This does not have to be a disadvantage for the customer. Quite the contrary, it is often the Online brokers from abroad that make a name for themselves with favorable fees. In principle, however, no private investor should simply open a securities account with a broker on the net without a test or a direct comparison. Especially not if the necessary licenses and certificates are missing.

How safe are the brokers from abroad

In a direct comparison in broker reviews, brokers such as AVATrade and their experience stand out positively, because you bring the EU license, which is necessary for a serious and legal operation in Germany and abroad. Licenses in the European Union are a bit more difficult to understand. Namely, there are some states that do not allow companies from certain countries. In any case, a license for regulation is essential for brokers. Only in this case, control is carried out by an official financial supervisory authority, which in turn has insight into current operations. Thus, this authority can understand what is going on day by day at the brokers. It is essential that an official and recognized authority is entrusted with the regulation, otherwise, there would be a risk of pursuing one’s own interests.

The official regulation and control by the financial supervisory authority

Only the official regulation by the broker allows determining at all how safe and serious the individual programs and mechanisms are. In these controls, for example, the auditors compare the stock prices in real-time with the original current prices. In this way, the authority determines whether manipulation or interference on the part of the broker can be detected.

The official regulation and control by the financial supervisory authority

In addition, deposit insurance is an important legal restriction that should interest investors in particular. Not least the financial crisis in 2012 clearly showed that it is intrinsically important to separate business assets from private customer funds. If a broker or direct bank becomes insolvent, investors can be sure that their deposits in the segregated account are protected. In technical terminology, we are talking about segregated accounts, which are managed separately from each other. You can also find information about how much assets are protected in any case under the deposit insurance.

Some of the reputable online brokers are not satisfied with the state regulation. They protect the assets of investors through voluntary membership in other protection funds. This underlines the seriousness and security associated with an online broker. So you do not have to assume, just because the digital company has its headquarters abroad, that they are in dubious hands. As long as all certificates and seals remain available online, trading securities with a broker is definitely safe.

What securities do the best online brokers offer?

Further security is offered by the online broker through additional information and training offers. The providers are required by law to conduct an initial test for each new customer. This text is about the knowledge and prior knowledge and experience of traders who want to open a securities account. The legislator wants to protect inexperienced investors to speculate their money in shares without knowledge and information. After all, everywhere remains the residual risk of losing all his assets. This is one reason why many brokers provide rich and easy-to-understand information and explanations about the settings, order options, and bonds on the sub-pages.

What securities do the best online brokers offer

Basically, it is a good idea to first get an overview of the individual functions, the dashboard, and securities trading, starting from a demo account. Last but not least, this demo account offers the chance to speculate with digital assets. In other words, the broker itself loads the account with digital assets. Investing in this asset does not have any serious consequences for the assets, nor can the traders make profits or losses. The main thing is to test the strategies, get familiar with the system and not put all your money at risk from the very beginning.

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