Boxes or mailers are one of the most contentious shipping debates. Choosing the right packaging for your products can do wonders for your business since it ensures that the product will arrive safe and in one piece.

Consequently, depending on your choices, the packaging can significantly impact profitability. Both boxes or mailers are protective shipping containers. But how do you know if you’re choosing the proper packaging?

The Advantages of Boxes

The Advantages of Boxes

Boxes are used to ship nearly anything you can think of and are pretty much the staple of the packaging industry. The advantages of such packages include:

  • They are designed to hold heavy items – Whether you’re shipping electronics, consumer goods, bulk clothing, or paper products, you can use boxes to ship weighty merchandise safely.
  • Boxes are strong and durable – However, some types of boxes are more durable than others. Corrugated cardboard boxes, for example, are known to be very sturdy.
  • Available in many sizes – Boxes come in various sizes that can hold small and large products. Additionally, you can create custom boxes to meet your shipping needs.
  • They are reusable and recyclable – Cardboard boxes can be used more than once and can be made from recycled material.
  • They are ideal for deliveries with multiple items – You can ship more items in a single box.

The Advantages of Mailers

The Advantages of Mailers

For E-commerce businesses, mailer envelopes have become a popular option for shipping orders. Aside from being ideal for products that don’t need a lot of space or protection when in transit, mailers have the following advantages:

  • Mailers are lightweight, meaning that they cost less to ship.
  • They are designed with built-in item protection and don’t need additional structural support.
  • Mailers are small and take up less space when shipped, resulting in cost savings. Plus, they occupy less space in the packing station, warehouse, or delivery vehicles.
  • Mailer envelopes, bubble mailers, and the like are ideal for minimizing your costs.
  • Mailers are typically packed faster, helping a business get as many packages mailed as soon as possible.

The Cons of Boxes & Mailers

Boxes & Mailers

According to packaging service and paper product companies such as Paper Point, there are situations when either a box or a mailer will work perfectly for you, depending on your preferences and business needs. However, like all types of packaging products, both boxes and mailers have their disadvantages.

For example, mailers are usually designed for flat, narrow objects that won’t need to be shipped in a box. They are best at holding one item but are not intended to handle multiple items. Compared to boxes, mailers are susceptible to crushing; they can easily get crushed under a heavy pack.

If dimensional weight pricing is used in shipping, boxes cost more to ship. On the other hand, boxes tend to be more expensive than mailers. Boxes may require padding to ensure the merchandise is protected. But when you need to deliver large items, boxes are tamper-resistant, solid, and provide the protection your products need.

Boxes or Mailers: What To Choose?

The answer lies in your preferences. Whether you are trying to reduce your shipping costs, deliver large or lighter products, or want the most eco-friendly option, you should know that both mailers and boxes can perfectly satisfy your needs. Whatever you choose, boxes and mailers have a large variety of sizes and styles to help your business grow.

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