With billions of apps downloaded in a span of a few months last year, apps are a phenomenon that everyone is using in their everyday lives.

And why not? There are apps for everything these days. They benefit us in many different ways, such as customizing our home gadgets or keeping us entertained.

Improving hand-eye coordination is one of the hidden benefits when it comes to app usage. There are many fun apps you can play that will bring benefits to your life outside of your mobile device.

Here are a couple of the best reaction games that increase your hand-eye accuracy.

1. High Noon

If you’re a fan of the Wild West and quick reaction games, then High Noon is a great match for you.

In this game, you face off in a duel where you must draw your weapon faster than your opponent. If you win, you’ll win the opponent’s loot and move onto bigger and better enemies.

The quick and specific accuracy you need to keep defeating your opponents will train your hand-eye coordination.

Not only will you keep your reactions quick, they’ll also be more accurate.

2. Holes and Balls

Although the name is not the most tasteful, it does get the base idea across in one fell swoop.

This is one of those reflex apps that trains your hand-eye coordination in a short amount of time. You take control of a ball and have to maneuver it through various obstacles to reach the goal.

This kind of exercise can be tricky but is rewarding once you get to the hole. The obstacles can vary from simple to difficult, always keeping you on your toes.

The graphics are clean and don’t get in the way. You’ll have no trouble focusing on the game.

You’ll find that, after practicing with this game, you’ll be able to find proper angles to get a ball into the proper hole. The next time you shoot real pool table balls, your accuracy will be a whole lot better.

3. Fruit Sorter

This is a reaction time training game that is super colorful and fun to look at. Plus, it’s exciting to play.

A conveyor belt brings along various fruits that you have to sort into their proper boxes. It’s a simple concept that can get more difficult the longer you play. The conveyor speeds up and there are more fruits to worry about.

It’s an addicting way to train your coordination as well as your multitasking skills.

You’ll need to be quick and accurate to keep up with the speed of the game.

Improving Hand-Eye Coordination Is Easy and Fun With These Apps

There are tons of different apps out there that can help with improving hand-eye coordination. If these don’t do the trick, there are bound to be others that will.

But as a starting point, you can’t go wrong with these three. They’re good fun, cheap, and can bring about a real change in your everyday life.

Try them out for yourself and feel the difference!

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