Individuals with businesses, friends, a family, or relatives in foreign countries may at some point be required to authenticate documents to undertake certain tasks. Documents that require authentication for use overseas include those concerning job certifications, adoption papers, marital status, distributorship agreements, diplomas, and company bylaws, among others.

If you intend to use your documents in any state that takes part in The Hague’s 1961 Convention, then you need authentication or a government seal, which is basically referred to as an apostille. About accessing apostille services, a major challenge comes up when your commercial or personal documents to be authenticated needs to be interpreted in a foreign language.

Many clients encounter difficulties when processing documents in the native language of another country. Usually, apostille involves sealing or confirmation of documents by the state. The federal government takes to charge the process of verifying signatures on all official documents. Besides, the government certifies the capacity that commercial or personal documents are signed. The process of acquiring an apostille is accomplished by ascertaining an individualโ€™s identity proof. This is followed by the attachment of a seal or stamp on the documents concerned.

While the common name for these government seals is apostilled, some countries refer them to as exemplified certifications. However, the latter is different from the former. An apostille is used in a country that is a party to The Hague’s 1961 Convention. On the other hand, exemplified certification concerns nations that are not members of the convention. Although exemplified certifications are dissociated with the 1969 Convention, they are issued by states that are members of this international agreement.

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Obtaining an apostille can be stressful and challenging, especially when doing it for the first time. Sometimes, clients might need to go through the challenge of quickly familiarizing themselves with the requirements of the federal government. Other times, they worry about omitting things that might potentially delay the process of authentication.

Nonetheless, you donโ€™t need to go through all this trouble. DC Mobile Notary is here to help you obtain apostilles quickly and stress-free. We are a mobile notary and offer reliable and efficient apostille services in Washington, DC. We facilitate you with cost-effective and accurate services at your convenience.

Whether you are at your home, office, business, nursing home, or health facility, we shall travel to your location to get the documents that need apostilles. This includes helping you understand our apostille services and the process of getting your documents authenticated. Entrust us with your documents and let us take up the hustle of obtaining apostilles. In doing so, you can concentrate on your business or personal matters.

Whether you are an escrow office, professional, lender, broker, or non-professional, we offer express apostille services that you deserve and need. We have a professional staff that is experienced in handling your situation. Besides, we are fully certified and insured to offer apostille and notary services in Washington, DC. We offer round the clock services to satisfy your needs on time.

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