Alliance for America’s Future, a Republican-linked 527 group, is running an ad entitled “Fraud,” criticizing Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s tenure as CEO of the for-profit hospital chain Columbia/HCA. The company had to pay a record $1.7 billion dollars to the government in 1997 for Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and Scott was fired afterward.

Here’s the ad:

His primary opponent, Attorney General Bill McCollum, has remained coy about his involvement in the ads. A campaign spokeswoman said, “We are not surprised that any number of groups have concerns about Rick Scott who has committed massive fraud on Florida taxpayers.”

The group, according to IRS records, is affiliated with another 527 group, Partnership for America’s Future. Partnership for America’s Future, based in Alexandria, Va., lists Mary Cheney as a Director. (The custodian and contact person, Barry Bennett, has been asked for comment.)

The Nevada Secretary of State on Tuesday filed a temporary restraining order against Alliance for America’s Future for airing ads but failing to register as a PAC. Florida has no such regulation for out-of-state PACs.

Scott, an upstart candidate who only entered the primary last April, is tied with McCollum in the Republican primary, according to recent polling.

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