A group called Americans Against Hate (AAH) has started a campaign to get Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., removed from the Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism and is ramping up pressure on Rep. Ron Klein, D-Fort Lauderdale, who chairs the committee. Americans Against Hate says it will protest Klein until he removes Ellison from the committee. Despite AAH’s anti-Muslim activities across the nation, the group and its founder Joe Kaufman have been a staple on Fox News and are popular at tea party events in the organization’s home state of Florida.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kaufman said, “Representative Klein has both the authority and the responsibility to remove Keith Ellison from the Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism, a group that Ellison has no business being on. We demand that he does so immediately. Every day that Ellison sits on that task force is an offense to those who fell victim to anti-Semitism and/or radical Islam.”

Kaufman says his group is targeting the nation’s first Muslim Congress member because of Ellison’s radical activities and his “associations” with groups that are “connected” to terrorism. The proof Kaufman presents is Ellison’s trip to Gaza in April.

Kaufman was a featured speaker at a July tea party event in Florida and has been a regular commentator on Fox News. Kaufman has attempted to connect many Muslim community organizations to terrorism, including a Muslim family day at a Six Flags amusement park this summer. Kaufman’s earlier run-in with Ellison involved a 2007 Muslim Day Parade in New York. Kaufman incorrectly claimed Ellison had been invited to be grand marshal of the annual event, which he characterized in FrontPage Magazine as “a pre-9/11 celebration of sorts taking place in New York City.”

Ellison spoke at length about his visit to Gaza and Israel in April and about the damage the conflict is doing to both sides in an interview with the website TCJewfolk.

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