The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a radio ad blitz as part of its “Drive for 25″ campaign — an effort to win back the House in 2012. One of the ads, which launched Nov. 4, specifically targets Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota, who is currently embroiled in a scandal dating back to his 2006 and 2008 congressional campaigns, during which he allegedly reimbursed employees who made donations to Vern Buchanan for Congress.

The Federal Election Commission eventually fined Buchanan’s former business partner, Sam Kazran, and a car dealership the two once owned together, Hyundai of North Jacksonville, for the donations.

The Department of Justice launched its own investigation into Buchanan in October. And, as The Florida Independent has exclusively reported, the House of Representatives’ Office of Congressional Ethics also launched a preliminary investigation into Buchanan in late September.

Though the Office cannot comment on ongoing investigations, two sources supplied the Independent with documentation related to the investigation, which was launched on Sept. 29. As part of its investigation, the Office requested specific information from former Buchanan employees about any contributions made to his campaigns.

“With one year to go until the election, the House Republicans’ Majority is in peril as it gets freezing cold back at home and Republicans face a chilly response to defending the indefensible,” said DCCC Chairman Steve Israel in a press release. “House Republicans will be forced to defend protecting Big Oil and the ultra wealthy instead of protecting Medicare and creating jobs and defend their big ethics scandals too.”

Below, the full text of the ad:

Republicans in Washington are doing everything they can to protect tax loopholes for big oil companies and their millionaire friends, while voting to end Medicare and raise seniors’ health care costs.   

And what’s Vern Buchanan doing to stop it? Nothing. 

His priority these days seems to be looking out for himself.   

Buchanan was named by an independent watchdog group as “one of the most corrupt Members of Congress.”    

A federal investigation found that Buchanan’s former car dealership violated the law in an “extensive and ongoing scheme” and fined them $68,000. 

Now, Buchanan is under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice. He’s also being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics.

How can we expect Congressman Vern Buchanan to fight for us when he’s so busy looking out for himself?

I’m fed up. Call Vern Buchanan and tell him to fight for us, instead of looking out for himself.

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