Florida voters shot down Amendment 4 — aka “Hometown Democracy — during last November’s election, but the group that sprung up to oppose it is still kicking, and has sent supporters a video to rally the troops for its next battle.

In the closing scenes, “No on 4″ leader Ryan Houck issues a call to arms:

The same environmental groups that lent their political and PR muscle to the support of Amendment 4 are mounting an aggressive legal and regulatory campaign against Florida free markets. It would be a mistake to assume that that war ended with Amendment 4. It has not. It’s time to take the fight to them.

The video doesn’t specify what that campaign is, or how No on 4 will “take the fight to them,” but some of the headlines that flash onscreen mention land-use disputes and EPA water-quality regulations. An “announcement” is coming March 1, according an email the group sent to supporters.

At the very end, the No on 4 logo appears, but then another logo flashes on screen. It appears to say “Free Market Florida“:

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